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  1. kuru

    Home Security

    My parents' home is a bit off the beaten path. It's right next to a stretch of woods. They would like a few cameras around the house. I'm looking into a small (raspi?) server running kerberos. I'd also get a new, powerful Wifi router that can cover all of the house. No cloud services or...
  2. kuru

    World's Smallest Nintendo 64 portable

    this guy also has a nice gb-advance-sp-like n64 mod
  3. kuru

    Ryzen 4000 Challenging Intel in Laptop Segment AnandTech Cores Threads Base Freq Turbo Freq L2 L3 Compute Units IGP Freq Ryzen 7 4800U 8C / 16T 1800 4200 4 MB 8 MB 8 CUs 1750 Ryzen 7 4700U 8C / 8T 2000 4100 4 MB 8 MB 7 CUs 1600...
  4. kuru

    Diagnosing a Dead Laptop

    I've been asked to take a look at a dead laptop, an acer Aspire e17. According to the user it abruptly stopped working when she did a 180 with it on the table, for another person to look at the screen. The power cable wasn't connected at the time. It's 2 - 3 years old and looks like new. When...
  5. kuru

    New HDD dead?

    I'm assuming the answer is 'yes'... I've had this 3,5" WD blue 1TB HDD lying around since when I bought it over a year ago. It's been sitting on a wooden shelf with only a stack of paper envelopes resting on top. Today I mounted it in the tower along with a 2nd, older and used one that's...
  6. kuru

    HDD Docking Stations

    HDD docking stations - are they all bad? Reading Amazon reviews leads me to believe that. When they don't outright kill disks, they have problems driving two at the same time. Or the individual disks can't be unmounted, or say: hot-swapped. Are there any good adapters/docks available? What do...
  7. kuru

    A Decade Later

    Ten years have passed since the day I've registered at these here boards in order to jump on the Pandora bandwagon. Got one of the best handhelds ever made, became a small part of this great community and am looking forward for things yet to come. Here's to another decade!
  8. kuru

    Encryption and startup delay / performance

    1) I've recently encrypted a few SSDs/partitions and all devices have coped well with that. Using Veracrypt. But one type of laptop takes 4-5 times longer after password input than the others, the Lenovo X240. We have a few of them and it's the same for all. It's more or less the same specs as...
  9. kuru

    Free Steam game for a short while: Monaco What's Yours is Mine

    Win/Mac/Linux Link to Steam
  10. kuru

    Legends of Aria - Customizable MMO by UO and DAoC devs Comes with player-controlled shards that can be combined into interconnected online worlds for everybody to play in. Customizable skills, enemies and a DM-mode. Integrated with Unity - allows for custom asset creation. Only just found out about this. Soon to be...
  11. kuru

    Release jmtpfs - access the file system of phones, tablets etc. via MTP

    This PND allows you to access files on e.g. modern Android phones which no longer support mass storage mode, but understand the media transport protocol. jmtpfs is an implementation of libmtp using FUSE. In order for this to work you need to make sure that your 1. device's screen is unlocked...
  12. kuru

    How I fixed Youtube for myself

    Updated method using mpv/quvi note: old mvp using quvi won't work with playlists. I'll look for a workaround once I'm suitably annoyed. Youtube puts quite some strain on older machines. Running it in firefox makes things even worse. Whether you're using HTML5 or Flashplayer makes no noticeable...
  13. kuru

    Release Drawpile 1.0.6

    Uploaded Drawpile to the repo. Drawpile is a Free software collaborative drawing program that allows multiple users to sketch on the same canvas simultaneously. You can join existing sessions, create your own or paint by yourself. There is an old PND which is no longer maintained. This is the...
  14. kuru

    Get ye olde XCOM UFO Defense for free
  15. kuru

    Pandora Need Help Compiling DrawPile - Codeblocks.pnd - Qt

    I'm trying to compile the latest Drawpile. After working out dependencies in baby steps, make now fails complaining over the prototype of a Qt function qBound The code looks like this: void KisCubicCurve::fromString(const QString& string) { QStringList data = string.split(';')...
  16. kuru

    Release robotfindskitten

    Pushed to the repository. From <- read this for some entertaining background info. Most of you probably know this, as the author calls it, zen simulation. There was a Pandora port, but it's not available anymore. BTW, there's more apps/games available on...
  17. kuru

    Silly, old Pandora photos

    Found those pictures on an old memory card. They've been taken in March 2011 when I received my Pandora. The ad pages seen in most of the pics are from a vintage copy of Playboy, the first is the cover of an ancient PC Games issue. Silly, but kinda fun. So there you go: Edit...
  18. kuru

    Abstraction? Nevermind, I think I got it

    Tutorials say you should prescind code and put it in a file of its' own, encapsulate it according to its' function. So the noob looks at their main.cpp and tries to move everything SDL-specific to another file like I did below. But you will find SDL_Window* in main.cpp. I guess this works...
  19. kuru


    Die Herren von GameTube besprechen in Ihrem Video ein Leiden, das ich an mir selbst schon recht lange beobachten kann. Ich kann mich nicht mehr für Spiele begeistern. Die letzten großen, neuen Spiele, die mich wirklich in ihren Bann schlagen konnten, waren SOMA und Technobabylon. Habe ich schon...