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  1. Wrath Of Khan

    Writing a Pandora/Pyra article for Pixel Addict magazine- I have some questions.

    Hi, I am writing a pandora/pyra history article for Pixel addict magazine. I have used the forum search function and found much useful info so far. However any other useful links are helpful or odd facts. Am I correct in assuming that original Pandora pre-orders...
  2. Wrath Of Khan

    Link? Is he on the forums these days?

    Is Link active these days? I wanted to contact him regarding the old icp2 kickstarter and a possible refund. Theres no problems or anything. He never saw my pm on here i reckon. Anyone got contact info for him. Mark was his first name i think?
  3. Wrath Of Khan

    Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra?

    Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra? I have learnt sprite art myself these past few months. Its so much fun.
  4. Wrath Of Khan

    AMIGA ADDICT- NEW PAPER AMIGA MAGAZINE- PRE-ORDER. Looks like fun to me and especially now that the amiga scene is on the up again with many new games being developed etc. Just a few more and they hit their goal.
  5. Wrath Of Khan

    Flycast- multi-platform dreamcast emulator. Could it be ported to the Pyra? Its a reicast fork. Would it be any better than reicast?
  6. Wrath Of Khan


    Hi, I have a black Gcw Zero handheld console for sale. I am asking €80.00 + postage. It is in good and fully working condition. It was rarely played with.and the charging/game up-loader cable is included. I will post worldwide!! Looking for a quick sale.
  7. Wrath Of Khan

    Pyra General release date?

    I am supposing early 2020 for release at this juncture considering christmas is nigh? Are the prototype pre-orders scheduled for release before 2020? I know evildragon is doing his best. Just wondering if we have a timeframe of sorts. I guess for many the pyra might be a post Christmas pre...
  8. Wrath Of Khan


    Hi everyone- there is a kickstarter campaign here with a modest financial goal. It is for the publication of an indy comic book. This comic has a distinctly British flavour with many cultural references. The central protagonists are transforming robots with classic British vehicles as their...
  9. Wrath Of Khan

    Yuletide Pyra?

    Will we have a christmas Pyra release? That would be just sweet. I love presents sitting serenely beneath dying and parched once majestic trees... Yuletide red please. Dark red. How do people here celebrate christmas each year? Watching its a wonderful life for the 30th time? I admit I have...
  10. Wrath Of Khan

    Human Harvest - China's illegal organ trade of Falun Gong practitioners.

    Hello everyone. I wanted to inform people here about the illegal harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners and other groups including Tibetans and Christians by the Chinese Communist Party. This is a truly disturbing phenomena that has been going on for years and one that does not get...
  11. Wrath Of Khan


    Retro Game Designer is a software tool for creating video games for Megadrive,Genesis,Dreamcast,PS1,Jaguar & more, without programming.
  12. Wrath Of Khan

    Commodore The Final Years Book. Kickstarter.

    Another superb book coming from Brian bagnall.
  13. Wrath Of Khan

    Intrepid Izzy - Dreamcast - Kickstarter!

    Top quality game for the Dreamcast. A lot of games coming out on the dc recently. This one is of commercial quality, and looks inventive imo.
  14. Wrath Of Khan

    Sega Dreamcast - Collected Works - Definitive History book.

    Its already funded and many days to go - An essential purchase if your a dreamcast fan I think.
  15. Wrath Of Khan

    Cannon spike, gigawing, le mans. Dc games for sale! Im asking 145.00 euros for cannon spike on this forum.
  16. Wrath Of Khan

    Old Sega Vr helmet - Article. Apparently an inspiration for occullus.
  17. Wrath Of Khan

    Castlevania animated series - Netflix
  18. Wrath Of Khan

    Amiga 1200 for Sale!

    I am selling my A1200over at English amiga board. It has everything you need to get going straight away. a nice example. My a1200 is at my parents - i will upload a picture with my forum name at the weekend. Mods may do as they please.
  19. Wrath Of Khan

    Commodore: The inside story. David pleasance.

    If your a commodore or amiga fan then you will likely want this. Written by David Pleasance who was in charge of commodore uk and held other posts too. We should hear many tales hitertho unheard up until now... I backed it.
  20. Wrath Of Khan

    Okinawa Rush - seriously cool retro beat-em up.

    This looks cool. A platform based 2d beat-em up but with an array of moves akin to streetfighter 2 and similar methods of performing some moves too. Looks classy imo. The obligatory kickstarter is of course incoming...