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  1. Optimus

    Software b2fxec newer versions?

    The only version of b2fxec in the resources->gp32->development is b2fxec v0.5c and this one I noticed will always make my projects crash, either on emulator or real GP32. The uncompressed GXB files work fine. It's very strange and there is no newer or older version on the internet, the author's...
  2. Optimus

    Release GP32mark

    Hello, this is a special port of GPmark benchmark to the GP32. It took me some time to make the effects render directly to the GP32 videoram and handle memory with care so that it fits under 8MBs. p.s. Right now I have problems adding the file to the resources (there isn't even a button to add...
  3. Optimus

    Gp32 Gp Link

    I am curious, which games/emuls support this device? I just bought one for collection. I guess, to test it, I'd have to try a second GP32 with another GP Link. Are there maybe other cool ways to test it, like connecting to a PC through wifi?
  4. Optimus

    Where To Find Gp32 Blu+ ?

    How rare are the late GP32 BLU plus? I am searching all the time in ebay and I only find BLU and FLU. I have a FLU and a BLU. I am curious about the BLU+, how different the screen looks, if it's brighter, and good for testing BLU/BLU+ incompatibilities and fix.   Oh wait: I just read in...
  5. Optimus

    I Don't Understand How Psp Is Exagerated As The Far Best Emulation

    I am not saying that it might not be, But since then a lot more powerful devices are out, Pandora, GCW0, Ouya and more. But there is still a Playstation fan coming and say "Why do you need all that? PSP is the best for emulation and has commercial games and everything, it's the best!".   I mean...
  6. Optimus

    Gpmark (Opendingux)

    I've just ported my GPmark benchmark to Opendingux. Download link
  7. Optimus

    What Happened To Brawl Beat Em Up's?

    I wondered about this again after watching some youtube videos on the history of beat em up's. While a lot of beat em up's are produced today, mainly for consoles they are all street fighter style games. After a period of time only street fighter clones were produced but not a single brawl...
  8. Optimus


    I am a bit lost with the variety of new openhandhelds there. I think there was a second Dingoo handheld, with almost the same tech as Dingoo. Later there were those Dingoo/Gemeei handhelds. I am lost a bit. Obscure Handhelds, this post Why there are four types? Dingoo and Gemei that looks the...
  9. Optimus

    Gpsp Strange Problem

    I am not sure why nobody mentioned that (I think so since I searched for other messages on gpsp) I was on the previous version and all went fine. In the latest (0.92 iirc) the games play as if the fastforward is always on. More than the original speed (and the sound is high pitched). This was a...
  10. Optimus

    Knytt Stories

    Now, after I have seen Cave Story on the Caanoo (with Ginge), I'd really love to play one other of my favorites, Knytt Stories. I have realized there is a port for the DS so why not Caanoo or other Gamepark devices?
  11. Optimus


    I just realized that a final version of SORR is released for the PC. I am wondering, a long time ago I have heard that the author was planning to release a port for a gamepark console, I think it was for the GP2X or the Wiz? I can't remember. Do you know what happened and we have never seen it...
  12. Optimus

    Another Performance Question

    It's gonna probably be a silly question (yeah I know, there are no such things as silly questions) and if I knew more about hardware architecture or something I would already know, but.. If you take a Caanoo and underclock it to the Mhz of a GP2X for example, why the performance would be much...
  13. Optimus

    Gp Mark For Caanoo And Wiz

    Hi there! This is the version 0.04 of my benchmark for gamepark handhelds. There are two versions at the moment. Caanoo download link Wiz download link It's a very early version just for the LOLs. I will add more interesting stuff in a future version. Also, all the screenshots are from PC...
  14. Optimus

    Performance Questions

    In all of my demo effect tests in Caanoo I noticed these speed differences. Let's take the plasma effect test. In the very first time I tested it, I was on firmware 1.06 and I got 250fps. When I upgraded to firmware 1.50 it dropped to 212fps. Today I realized that after I run something on MAME...
  15. Optimus

    Gpfun Mess...

    There were a lot of fails when I tried to use fungp. I would like to talk about them and ask if there is a solution or if I should wait for the site to be fixed. Step one, visiting to Strange fail, a pop up window asking me login and password. Apparently it wasn't asking my fungp...
  16. Optimus


    I just figured out where GPH makes out these slogans :) Some random stuff.. Break through with play forward. Bigger. Better. play forward. Where's whatever you want? Whatever you want. We build smiles. Caanoo, your specialist. Wiz. See more. Do more. GP2X extra...
  17. Optimus

    Serious Slowdown While Using The Touch?

    Did you notice that too or is it just my device is defunct? I tried to play some games that uses the touch, for example Puzsion. If I hold the touch stick on the screen, in any place, from the menu to the in-game, everything slows-down and the sound stutters-breaks, it's a slow hell. This...
  18. Optimus

    Tv-Out In Dingux?

    Ok, maybe this is a stupid question and has probably being answered before, but I couldn't find something on the forum search, or dingoo files search for a utility or something. Of course the forum messages are so much that it's hard to search for something and not miss it, so I am sorry if this...
  19. Optimus

    Performance Problems With Sdlmixer

    Anyone else got significant performance drops when trying to play a MOD file with SDLmixer? In my first port Led Blur, originally I was using MikMod. But since didn't produce any sound after I compiled it, I tried to use SDLmixer instead (but I think it also depends on Mikmod for MOD playing)...
  20. Optimus

    Caanoo / WIZ Any Music Player Libs For The Wiz?

    Hi there! I tried to search of the dev section of wiz and also on forum but with no results. Are there any dev libs to play mod files or mp3/ogg? I need them to port some of my old stuff. And maybe fast enough because Pandora Angst competition is about to finish :P