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  1. Kangal

    Meego Port Anyone?

    [bump] MeeGo is officially dead. Intel is outsourcing its efforts to the Linux Foundation/LiMo. They're creating "Tizen". RIP
  2. Kangal

    Pandora V ?

    Yeah I reackon Nintendo DS and Dreamcast will find themselves on a tablet first, later adapted to an android phone. But for now they aren't really usable not because of speed requirements, there seems to be more than enough grunt in the T20's, but the porting is half-baked. Perhaps in 2012 we'll...
  3. Kangal

    Pandora V ?

    The Samsung EPIC 4G. Root, custom kernel, load CM7 and MIUI ROM. Overclock Hummingbird cpu to 1.5GHz and the SGX540 gpu to 300Mhz, increase free RAM to 340MB. Slap on a GameGripper and enjoy ~fullspeed emulation of atari/classics, sega, nes, snes, gbc, gba, psx, n64, dosbox-depending (and...
  4. Kangal

    What Is Going On ?

    Everyone is aggro over trying to get their hands on the ASUS Transformer. The others are going aggro on trying to load Ubuntu/Angstrom/MeeGo on it. The entire boards is on fire, who will reign supreme?
  5. Kangal

    Adobe Flash 10.2 For Cortex A8 Linux Download?

    Hahaha Your quote is hilarious. *reading the poster* Your username is f****ng hilarious. *glances at the picture* hhahahahahah Your the funniest guy here, thanks for keeping the spirits high XD
  6. Kangal

    Xperia Play

    Haha lol man, those suggestions was for the knock-off not for the XPlay. I dont see any speck of fanboism in my post, but its hilarious to be called one anyways XD Besides I demo'd the XPlay and it felt exactly like the Desire Z only with a game-pad= not a bad thing, but feels dated next to...
  7. Kangal

    Xperia Play

    Sorry about that, I'm too slow now (getting too old :D). If I was SONY, I would not let the PlayStation brand touch anything bad/average.
  8. Kangal

    Xperia Play

    The Xperia Play is a bummer, let-down, black sheep-of-PlayStation brand. This 'KIRF' or more accurately "knock-off" I believe is slightly better than the PSP Go/PSP 3000/XPlay. The Link I think they could come up with a following model, aka version two, which is more luxurious but more decent...
  9. Kangal

    Looking For Cheap All-In-One Handheld

    Yeah just pick up a used PSP. The first-and-second versions feel ancient. The PSP 3000 (3rd ver) is pretty okay (better than the PSP Go!). In the homebrew you can load all of those emulators, plus you get proper gaming controls (besides one nub, and L2R2 shoulder buttons). Just 3 weeks ago, you...
  10. Kangal

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

    Let's move on.
  11. Kangal

    N64 For Android

    I guess you're right Exo ... still frustrates me though. But I have to disagree, voting with your wallet doesn't work. There's too many idiots that make the tactic useless, unless you're an extremist troll, it aint gonna work for Puny Humans!
  12. Kangal

    N64 For Android

    I would contact yonghz ... he will willingly put the credits down (somewhere hard to see :P) but he won't be so interested in sharing the profits. He is (literally) stealing, by using GPL licensed code. It will be a shame to many people that look forward to some emulator action on the Xperia...
  13. Kangal

    N64 For Android

    It's an early beta but things are looking extraordinary (for Android). Have a look at WindowsMobile (FPse) which can emulate psx fullspeed on the TG01 (a device slightly weaker than Nexus One). Have a look at psx4all on the Nexus One, you get ave20fps on the Nexus One. The Dalvik/VM really...
  14. Kangal

    Moral Dilemma: Selling My Pandoras For Profit...?

    Solid Snake needs a solid portable B)
  15. Kangal

    Pandora Price Increase!

    Maybe they increased the price to make it seem like its value is increasing, cause the OPT just saw the Sony NGP (aka PSP2). @_@ (that thing is mental, here's hoping it has hdmi out and at least 5.5hr battery life)
  16. Kangal

    Playstation Phone Revealed

    Well in that case ED you should buy 2 PSPhones. Use one solely as a mobile phone, use the other solely (fight mode) as a portable console. looollz XD
  17. Kangal

    Playstation Phone Revealed

    Ahh yes the PSPhone. It's really hilarious to see how people think this is a great but new idea. I actually had this idea back when I owned my iPaq 2215 and my O2 XDA II (HTC Himalaya). In fact the concept is somewhere here on these forums. The end result is, the designer of OPandora and...
  18. Kangal

    Cheap Class 10 16Gb Cards At

    I'm looking for a good deal on microSD's so I can share that between my phone etc. Anyone know any good deals? (eBay is not an option, I've already got convincing knockoffs from a trusted seller) Basically 32GB is what I'm after. I don't care about what class as long as it is fast for the...
  19. Kangal

    If It Was Fruit

    All this talk of fruit, I'm hungry! Mmmm Apple.
  20. Kangal

    Melbourne, Australia Hands On With A Pandora Tonight!

    I thought you were in the Czek Repub :blink: Umm is that what I think it means "sticky fingers" XD!!!!