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  1. virusx

    Gp2X F100 + Open2X Dr7 = No Sound

    Hi Gp2x maniacs! Here is my problem: I flashed my Gp2X F100 with the nice Open2X DR7 for F100 firmware (wich is great btw - except for the USB not showing anymore the SD card). Since then I have no sound from the speakers, no sound from the earphones. I tried on Emu, on movies, on Mp3, in...
  2. virusx

    GP2X Porting Minivmac On Gp2x

    I was playing with miniVmac on my PC today and I searched for it in the forum. I found a post from Anhaedra trying to compile it for 2X. But the thread didn't reveal if it was working or not. I don't even know if this emu would be the best Mac classic emu to port on the Gp2X (as BasiliskII...
  3. virusx


    Just to let you know that I found this .gpe on KaosOverride said that it is just WIP7 that has been recompiled with Open2 toolchain from Codeblocks. I will try it even if I don't really understand what have been changed. Anyone speaking spanish?!
  4. virusx

    Strange Stain On Mk1 Lcd

    Me again... :D I noticed recently some strange lighter stain on the middle of my Mk1 screen. Does anybody knows if it can be fixed? I will post a picture as soon as I get in front of my laptop.
  5. virusx

    Good Charger For Rechargable Batteries

    After a search on the internet for rechargeable batteries and the way to re-activate half dead batteries I finally found a good charger brand: MAHA You have five sorts of charger between 35$ and 85$ There are three that looks great: MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer for 4 AA / AAA...
  6. virusx

    Plezo Pmg-250

    An handled from Korea... 32 BIT ARM core 9 AT91 SAM 210 MIPS 190 MHZ TFT LCD QVGA 320*240 200cd/m 26M colors, 2.5 Inches 2 speakers Movies (Mpeg4sp, DivX, Xvid) Microphone ? Search function ? SD card slot USB 2 Mp3, Wma, Wav, Adpcm, PCM capable NES...
  7. virusx

    Counter Strike For Prboom

    I tried this wad and it's really nice. It reminds me the time I used to spend on this map... :rolleyes: By the way, I shot every bots and the game won't stop. Is it normal ? Is there some others maps ? Off topic : This week is really incredible, so many releases (This mod, Smash Gp, HU6280...
  8. virusx

    Funny Video

    A funny video for every hardcore gamer that are in love... Hardcore gamer's love song
  9. virusx


    I don't know if any of you know this game but I played it since few hours now. A friend of mine send me the link. It's very adictive and impressive for a shockwave game. Gridlock
  10. virusx

    A Nice Nooker Game

    Anyone tried a good snooker game on any system emulated by the 2X ? I didn't find any for Gngeo, and I'm not sure about one on MAME2X. Perhaps the genesis got it ? EDIT : sorry for the typo on the title, I feel Upid right now :lol:
  11. virusx

    Puzzle Land Gp2x

    As I finally found my DaveC cap (under the seat of my car.. wtf !?) I tried this game today. It's a really nice piece of puzzle game, it's easy on the begining then it became harder as the levels are completed. If you lile puzzle games and haven't tried it yet, give it a go. It's worth a download !
  12. virusx


    -Hando - gp32x - THE OWNER ( -Dzz (Vektar) : -DJWillis (ScummVM Gp2x port/ Unbricking service) : -Puck2099 (Lady Killer / Samurai / Exult GP2X / Fenix GP2X / Openjazz GP2X / Chocobo Crazy Championship / Pentagram GP2X / Rise of the Triad GP2X / Alexkidd2x) Clik here to donate...
  13. virusx

    Super Sidekicks Series On Gngeo2x

    Super sidekicks 3 got some strange graphical bugs : The field didn't appear. And the Ssk 1 and 2 kicked me back to Gp2X main menu. But I think I got encrypted version of them (rom files instead of bin) Any tips ? Change the bios, find other version of the games, do a beat jump followed by a...
  14. virusx

    Profile : Additional Information ?

    I was just wondering how to change my "Additional Information" field in my profile ?
  15. virusx

    Vektar Froze

    I'm addicted since two days to Vektar. This game is really simple and nice looking. But... My Gp2X froze when I was about to reach 250 000 points. That's about a bit more than 30 minutes of ingame play. The music was still playing. I did not overvlocked my gp2x this time. And I run 1.4.0...