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  1. zapman

    [Request] PND of latest Arduino Software

    Hi, on the Repo, there is only an outdated version of the arduino software (1.0.4) available. Would someone be willing to update to the latest version 1.8.5., please? Thanks and all the best, -Zapman
  2. zapman

    Flashing NAND to 1.54 failed. 'No space left on device'.

    Hi, the update feature of SZ 1.53 failed on me, I got several error messages and my Pandora just quit working. So I would like to reflash the NAND with 1.54 but I get this error. --> See pic below. After 10 minute of waiting I dediced that the format_boot somehow doesn't do anythign helpful...
  3. zapman

    Alternative 7" Display for case mod.

    I would like to design a new case for the pandora, that uses a 7 inch lcd display (like the one on the eeePc 701). The keyboard I would keep and only the speakers would be moved below the screen to result in a tablet like device without any hinge. Flatter then the current Pandora but more...
  4. zapman

    Fix For Loose Pandora Hinge

    hi there, If you have problems with a loose hinge or just want to keep the Pandora open at a fixes angle, you could try the bracket I made: All you need is a 3d printer, check out for example. Enjoy ;)
  5. zapman

    Fix for loose Pandora hinges

    Hi there, If you have problems with a loose hinge or just want to keep the Pandora open at a fixed angle, you could try the bracket I made: Print one or two of them, whether you want to use it held in hands (1 bracket) or flat on a table (2 brackets)...
  6. zapman

    Compiling Wxpython

    Hi, I didn't find anything about wxPython on the Pandora so I tried to compile it myself. After about 2h of working, my Pandora gives me this error message, that I can't understand: /bld/bk-deps g++ -c -o mediadll_unix_mediactrl.o -I./.pch/wxprec_mediadll -D__WXGTK__ -DWXBUILDING...
  7. zapman

    Exaile Upgrade To Pls?

    Hi, can we get an update for Exaile from the current version to please? That would be nice, as Exaile is a really good player with lots of nice plug-ins. Thanks!
  8. zapman

    Sd Card Mounted Twice; Remove Obsolete Mounts In /media/

    I remember reading something about it in one of the plenty Pandora resources but I just can't find it anymore. Would someone pls be so kind and answer these questions?: How do I remove old and obsolete entries of previously mounted devices in /media/ ? How come my SD card shows up twice on the...
  9. zapman

    How To Store Thousands Of 1Kb Files Efficiently?

    Hi! TangoGPS works great on the Pandora, the map data gets downloaded from and can be saved on a SD card for offline use. Now the problem is, that the map tiles are lots of very small .png files (<1KB) and the SD segment size seems to be ~4KB. That means that 120mb of map...
  10. zapman

    Pnd Request: Tangogps

    Would someone be so kind and put TangGPS in .pnd format? All packages and dependencies are already in the Angstrom Repo and the program works nicely. A thing nice to know is that gpsd has to be downgraded to gpsd_2.38-r0.1_armv7a.ipk (at least with the version of tangoGPS that was used in the...
  11. zapman

    Dosbox: Problems With Nub Input

    Surprisingly, I haven't found anything on the boards about a huge problem there is with doxbox, so I started this thread: Touch input doesn't work very well with doxbox, so you have to stick to the nubs to play games like 'Master of Orion' or 'Master of Magic': the left nub moves the mouse...
  12. zapman

    [Solved] Sd Mass Storage Mode

    Hi! I have never been able to sucessfully use my Pandra as a SD card reader. It should be really simple but there seems to be something fishy going on anyways... What I do: Boot up Pandora, HF4 installedRun the script 'System->SD-Mass Storage'Choose my 32GB card in slot 2: /media/SD_32GBPress...
  13. zapman

    Umts 'stick' With Bluetooth But W/o Usb

    Hi! let me first give you some background why I'm looking for such a device: I would like to use UMTS-Broadband with my Pandora but my cell phone doesn't support UMTS (therefor tethering is not an option). Buying a new 3G cell is out of the question, too expensive and the cell I have is...
  14. zapman

    Wishlist For Hf5

    As Hotfix4 is out and improved things nicely, we can talk and dream about hotfix5 and beyond.. This is a whishlist for things that would be nice to get fixed. How about you? Have you got any wishes that seem plausible and realistic, too? Screenrotation: Possibility to rotate screen using...
  15. zapman

    Usb1.1 Device With 100Ma

    Hi! the aim of my errand is to use a USB1.1 GPS mouse with my Pandora without the use of an external hub. Things I can tell for sure (because I tried them): # The GPS mouse does not work when connected directly to the type A jack. # The GPS mouse does not work when connected to the mini-B...
  16. zapman

    [FIXED] Color Depth On Lcd Is Like 8Bit

    The threads' title says it all: I have problems with the LCD screen. From time to time (about 60% of cases)the screen looks like it is set to 8bit color depth or contrast is like 200% of normal value. I took a screenshot.png (via terminal) in this state and it shows with normal coloring on my...
  17. zapman

    Pandora Compile Blender For Pandora; Need Help Pls

    Hi! I still think that the Blender Player would be an awesome thing to have on the pandora. As nobody has time or is interested in compiling it, I, as a compile-virgin, will try. But I'll need some help, for sure! I already started a thread at and was looking for support...
  18. zapman

    Kopieren von Dateien fehlerhaft

    Hallo! ich habe neulich den gesamten Inhalt ein SD Karte (ca 7gb auf 16bg Karte, FAT32, 'exrememory' von EDs shop) auf eine 2. Karte (32gb, FAT32, takeMS Karte) per Thunar kopiert (Zaxxon, HF3). Nach beenden des Kopiervorgangs hab ich noch n paar Minuten gewartet, das folgende Problem wird also...
  19. zapman

    [solved] OS auf ohne WiFi?

    Hallo! habe eben das aktuelle OS ( auf meiner SD Karte zum Laufen gebracht, nun musste ich feststellen, dass ich kein Wlan habe. Normalerweise kann man es über Pandora->System->ToggleWifi an und ausstellen, aber der Eintrag, d.h. das...
  20. zapman

    Save/ Load von Heroes of Might&Magic II

    Hallo! leider scheint das saven in HMM II nicht zu funktionieren, er behauptet zwar, dass das Savefile erfolgreich geschrieben wurde, im Ladebildschirm wird aber nichts aufgeührt, ist also leer. Weiß jmd Rat? Thx!