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    Some Art of Sonnori's next PS2-RPG

    I'm very much into art/concept art and im hanging out on different boards regarding this. somehow accidently i came to the site of a korean artist and it seems he works for sonnori. this guy is GOD. twenty-two years old and one hell of an artist. his character arts are simply amazing. might be a...
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    GP Replacement Screen seasurements

    could someone tell me the exact measurements of the gp32 screen-cover? I mean those you can get as replacement screens at I had one made of glass, as my old one was broken but i somehow lost them both so now im here with an open display thats getting really frightening dusty and im too...
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    Gianas Return not before January 2004

    I just checked the Gianas Return-Page and saw, they aint going to release it before January 2004... too bad, since ive been looking forward to play this one soon... remembers of the good ol times ;)
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    GP32-Screenprotector broken

    This is what happened to my GP... the plastic plate on the screen broke somehow (i think my dog jumped onto my jacket, when i kept it there). It seems the screen is all okay, but im pretty sad, as im a collector and wanted to keep it in mint condition (so why the heck did i keep it in my...
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    Astonishia Story 2?

    :huh: While surfing the ASR-Website I realized something. On the Wallpapers and Copyright-Comments there is Astonishia Story 2 mentioned: Wallpaper Now, when I look at the smallprinted on right side of the package of my ASR they mention it too. :ph34r: I saw there was an early Game by...