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  1. StarG

    E-ink Screen

    Running haywire because of "iCP2 is because Craig always wanted to add more and more and more stuff."... Yups beginner error! (in the context of software development at least). Each feature needs to be carefully considered and checked if it does hamper with the basic design. (and if it does the...
  2. StarG

    E-ink Screen

    Absolute OT for the question of an E-Ink.... but as far as i noticed there's hardly any connection from the community to the actual making of the device. Apart of Gta04/ED very rarely making a stance about this or that. Debates pro or contra does actually yield well zilch. Please correct me in...
  3. StarG

    When do you expect Pyra to be out?

    Personally i think Q2-Q3 2015 is likely given the nature of the Pyra (more or less a progressive upgrade of the pandora) and the experience earned in the area of manufacturing.
  4. StarG

    Worried about the weight

    Well wider designs can fit bulkier keys which are more comfortable to use and allows to get along with the slim-is-sexy hype too ^^
  5. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    Because it wasn't necessary as the defacto standard is and was "Android" which everything was benchmarked for in the ARM world. With the current surge into the server business more stuff is necessary like SBSA standardization is much more needed than the...
  6. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    I don't think propriertary stuff is going away quickly but its amount of influence lessened quite a bit in the last years. E.g. more free and less unfree software used by people. That said i think the needs for emuation/virt is huge. Look like the WP mess... Android/WP dual boots just to give WP...
  7. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    Undoubtly it does. It still might be possible however. The flip side of the board might still gotten enough space to do and if the SoC is unused it could be in kept in deep sleep using next to no current or even being unpowered at all so it wouldn't affect general runtime. Powered on its likely...
  8. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    Unlikely that TI can be convinced to put an x86 compatible cpu ip  (which they don't have ready, for which they don't have a license, for which is hardly any usage case except emulation) into their OMAP line. But you could stuff 2 different SoC on the board. Without any coherency you need a full...
  9. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    In any case... to my knowledge SteamOS is just a vanilla Debian distribution with a custom installer for Steam/Linux. BayTrail/CherryTrail with a fitting EFI / coreboot implementation shouldn't have a problem running it.
  10. StarG

    Any chance on talking to anyone at Valve about the Pyra?

    I think ZetaNeta is possibly referring to the Jazelle logic of previous ARM designs. It enabled to "run" java bytecode more or less directly on an enabled ARM cpu (think it needed a full context switch of course). This was accomplished by a hw arm machine code translator and could be possibly...
  11. StarG

    Action button labels

    @ginrai Not inside the buttons ... beneath on the base board. And sorry i haven't read the whole post ;)
  12. StarG

    Action button labels

    Reconfigurable action buttons? using a small paper inlet ? I also envisioned dynamic mappable buttons using a tiny OLED (1,5-1,8'' should suffice) beneath and backlighting them using transparent buttons via acrylic support. That goes beyond just color and could display an "original" mapping of...
  13. StarG

    Whats the "killer app" going to be for the Pyra?

    Nice tech demo... going native wine would most probably produce playable speeds...
  14. StarG

    Whats the "killer app" going to be for the Pyra?

      Of course this could be possible (theoretically)... disassemble Iphones (5S) to obtain a fully working mainboard with a shiny new A7 and memory soldered onto along with lots of support peripherals on it. Just too expensive to realistically do :) While this gets access to an A7 with its...
  15. StarG

    SoC Poll - What's most important for you?

    Hello Guys and Gals the post on lilliputting which covered the Pyra initially gotten an update: Regarding further options: is a specifically made daughter board out of question? Like asking Nvidias "board partners" to produce and assemble break-out-board style packages or even to have the...
  16. StarG

    Dosbox/master Of Magic

    It works albeit slowly. If i get acceptable results i will post them.
  17. StarG

    Dosbox Blast! V2.1 - A Dosbox Config Wizard.

    That version never made it into the Archive and the original link is down now. Anyone can reupload it? As for progression i would suggest support for Wiz/Caanoo/Pandora.
  18. StarG

    Apple Ipad 2

    Partially right. The official and supported platform for developing is XCode on MacOS only. And assuming you want at least a GUI bridge in your app you will need a small bit of ObjC. Bringing interpreted languages like Lua into play i have to disappoint you. Unless you aim for the inofficial...
  19. StarG

    Caanoo-Colem: Colecovision Emulator For Caanoo V1.1.1

    Any chance for a Colem 1.1.1 Wiz compile? Global ROM directory sounds perfectly right for me :)
  20. StarG

    Better Tms34010

    The TMS34010 chip looks quite CPUish upon first sight. Seems it is a capable integer muncher*. What instead of the CPU would be able to handle it? As MAMEs emulation seems state based i guess an option would be a (possibly static) ARM recompiler. However i did not find any clues about its...