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  1. zaoin

    How To Update Images In Zodiac's File Archive?

    How to update images in Zodiac's file archive?  :)   And no freeware section anymore? 
  2. zaoin

    Analog Joystick Canoo Vs Zodiac's

    Hello to all. Which analog joystick is better, Canoo or Zodiac?
  3. zaoin

    All These Things About 3Ds.

    Article What do you think about the expansion slide pad? Nintendo's followers are angry. :rolleyes:
  4. zaoin

    Attribute Class Problem In Spectrum Emulators

    Hello. Can attribute class be eliminated from spectrum(and other 8bit computer) emulators? I was playing with Zspectrum(Thanks Fangorn!) with Tapwave Zodiac and I thought if an emulator coder can write an emulator than bypass this.
  5. zaoin

    Opera Mobile 10 On Maemo

    Maemo is linux in arm. Isn't it? Can be "ported" this package to Pandora? Sorry for my ignorance. :unsure: Here the url. Some quotes:
  6. zaoin

    How About Gba Emulation In Pandora/beagleboard?

    How about gba emulation in pandora/beagleboard? About the difficult ones that don't work in wiz/dingoo/gp2x.
  7. zaoin

    Denieng Genocide

    I detest all immigration. I think that deportation is a solution. In my country we have a 60% of immigration total population. Massive immigration is not immigration, it's genocide to us. But I don't understand why still people denies the genocide that nazis did to polish, jews, and all kind of...
  8. zaoin

    Another Handeld Sugestion For Panda Team.

    Pandora is impressive and high-end. Wiz seems a great device. Dingoo is cheap and useful. Has Pandora's team thought some time to create a low-end and cheap device like Dingoo? Dingoo seems great to me for the money but I don't trust chinese. I think its development will stop soon or later...
  9. zaoin

    Translating Pandora Interface.

    Can Pandora GUI be translated?
  10. zaoin

    Pim & Wiz

    Will some coder do some PIM software for Wiz? How are the Planner, Alarm, World Time, Calculator, Memo Pad, and Voice Recorder ? Can Wiz run a palmos emulator?
  11. zaoin

    After The 3000 First Batch

    I'm sure Pandora will be a hit but: In a not too distant future, could the existing analog controls be replaced by the originals(with click and 3 mm)? Those controls were great.
  12. zaoin


    I am surprised nobody has ported plucker to the gp2x. It's gpl and very useful.
  13. zaoin

    What Will You Do With Your Zodiac When

    I hope everybody will sell their Zodiacs. :P
  14. zaoin

    Flash Games In Pandora

    What about flash games in pandora? A simple home page with links to playable flash games or a way to download them can work. They are a lot out there. An I suppose many can be compatible with pandora. (Some are compatible for PSP, aren't they?)
  15. zaoin

    Open Hardware?

    Probably this haven't sense. Will the pandora design be as the msx? An standard like PC from IBM? And then all kind of enterprises from all kind of countries will build lots of cheap pandora's based devices? And Craigx&Co have a percentage of selling those machines? (Sorry for my english...