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    Astonishia Story R

    i have it, got mine from lik-sang back in the good old days... but i accidently formatted the smc. <_< great to hear its out of stock now.... <_<
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    GP32 Available Artists

    im more or less an artist (dont have a portofolio online atm), but times not on my side atm. :ph34r: if there are interesting projects with not too high expectations (im nowhere near professional), i'd be glad to help out, anyway. just depends on whether i have time... :/
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    so how comes, scummvm supports fotq, broken sword, simon the sorcerer and all kinds of other stuff? :P Well, Toonstruck -imho one of the greatest games of all time - would be definitely cool to hit the gp... I am working on a (in fact, the only) fansite regarding the game and I recently got...
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    How Many Consoles/Games do you own?

    Sega Master System PAL Sega Mega Drive US/JAP/PAL + RGB Sega Nomad US/JAP/PAL 2x Sega Game Gear Sega Dreamcast PAL Sega Dreamcast US/JAP/PAL Sega Saturn PAL Sega Saturn JAP NES PAL 2x SNES PAL GameBoy Classic GameBoy Color GameBoy Advance N64 PAL N64 US/JAP RGB Gamecube PAL PSX US/JAP/PAL...
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    Some Art of Sonnori's next PS2-RPG

    I'm very much into art/concept art and im hanging out on different boards regarding this. somehow accidently i came to the site of a korean artist and it seems he works for sonnori. this guy is GOD. twenty-two years old and one hell of an artist. his character arts are simply amazing. might be a...
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    GlooP Deluxe Demo

    hes so cute with his zelda-warez-badass attidute... get a life wind wanker :S
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    GP Replacement Screen seasurements

    thanks a lot, you saved the day :D
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    Monkey Island

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    GP Replacement Screen seasurements

    could someone tell me the exact measurements of the gp32 screen-cover? I mean those you can get as replacement screens at I had one made of glass, as my old one was broken but i somehow lost them both so now im here with an open display thats getting really frightening dusty and im too...
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    Euro launch official

    Here we go: UK's 10th richest asshole Richard Branson And I guess he was even richer in the days Virgin was a world-widely important brand ;)
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    @Kandor: try babelfish on it... the guy saved/loaded and played at 1/30 of the original speed :)
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    btw. if so: you suck :D :ph34r:
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    i hope it wont be an snes emu... if i wanted to play snes-games, id play my original snes or use one of the other two emulators. @Azure: The SMB3-Guy cheated with an emulator ;) Fact ;) But it's still extremly impressive to see him playing. PS: yippay, 100st post ^^
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    Euro launch official

    Virgin used to be one of the biggest companies in europe and especially the uk... i think the founder was the richest britain a few years ago (not regarding all these royals). They were huge in gaming-biz till 1997, when they had a huge financially disasterous flop, named toonstruck - an 8...
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    Euro launch official

    :blink: :unsure: :blink: :huh: :o :ph34r: :o but why spain? <_< though: grrrrreat news :D
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    i never doubted it was the most anticipated application @ralp99 its just very similar to all these annoying gba-emu demands... i dont want to play emulator games all the time, i want original games or at least good ports (which is totally not the same as emulator-games)... this project seems...
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    who cares about another snes emu? :blink: I want original games or an emu not released yet... or conversions... I dont think it will be an snes emu. There are already two - though not working perfectly - and why should these three masterminds gather to develop some "usual" or at least known...
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    Finally... I am a father :)

    aaaw :lol: "i want my caviar... baby food sucks" ;) Congrats GP Daddy :)
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    So, what country are you from?

    Germany, "near" Dortmund/Cologne
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    Giana's Return open beta coming soon?

    7 internal beta tests? O_o whatever, open beta sounds cool, im really looking forward to play this game. it was my favourite on c64 :D