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    Adding Trackpoint to Keyboard

    A generous forum member sent me a bunch of Lenovo USB keyboards with trackpoint. Unfortunately they all mysteriously developed defects where some keys would not register. All of them. I bought another one from another seller. Within a month that also developed dead keys. No drinks were...
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    Faltergeist: FOSS Fallout Engine

    Alexeevdv, author of Faltergeist (the foss Fallout engine) is still plugging away at the project and dersveses some respekt, methinks. I never played these. Might be nice to have a place to chat about it - maybe generate some interest and patches to Faltergeist itself...
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    Photography Toys

    Autel Evo Drone :D FW279S 2200 NIT HDMI monitor (for daylight monitoring of what you're filming) I don't suppose EvilDragon needs a sunlight-readable display does he? FINALLY under $1000.... Alls You'd need is an android fone with HDMI screen mirroring. I'll ask Autel if they'll let...
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    Hearing Test - Gettin Old Together

    Heyas - i noticed sudden hearing loss today. So I made some tests. Im still good to about 16khz, but imaging and space is degraded. Very sad. How do you fare? which part has the treble cut? 1 or 2? ...if that was easy for you...
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    The Absolute State of Linux

    The Absolute State of Linux it's time to pick sides, gentlemen.
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    Neural Network synthesizes politician voices heard this yet? synthesized politician voices Can't wait to call my buddy with his girlfriend's voice to tell him to wait for her buck-nacked when...
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    CG Art Image Thread

    Starting thread off with a new, awesome computer-graphics picture.
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    NTIRE2017 Super-resolution Challenge: SNU_CVLab

    NTIRE2017 Super-resolution Challenge: SNU_CVLab Super-resolution is the modern term given to a new generation of neural-network based image upscaling algorithms. I've been interested in this for quite some time and these by far the most impressive results to have graced my screen. Scroll...
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    Making my own laptop.

    Nobody makes the (medium format) portable / laptop I want. - AMD Ryzen with Vega gfx (skyrim-level gfx capable) - Full HD 13-14" - Thinkpad keyboard with Trackpoint - Passive cooling ------------------- I bought the Acer Swift 3 with Ryzen 2500u, which is an awesome cpu. But the keyboard is...
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    Devuan on Pyra

    Because the Great Spirit guides me... I want Devuan on pyra. This is not intended to rehash the flame wars over systemd. If you're going to post here, please make it a constructive contribution to getting devuan working on the Dragonbox Pyra. I've been running devuan ascii on pi3 (aarch64)...
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    Pinebook Open-Source ARM based notebook (spectre safe) Cortex A53 based, which seems to be immune to spectre attacks.
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    Youyota Linux / SailfishOS tablet crowdfunder

    youyota-sailfish-os-2-in-1-tablet Doesn't look half bad! CPU: Intel Quad Core 64-bit at 1.8GHz Storage: 32GB (Grey) 64GB (Red) EMMC RAM: 2GB DDR3L-RS Display: 7.85" 2048*1536 IPS, at 330 pixels per inch, Capacitive 5 points multi-touch Battery: 4500 mAh @ 3.8V (Non-removable) Cameras: 5MP...
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    Will Pyra be affected by Blueborne remote exploit?

    'Blueborne' bluetooth stack remote vuln affects 5 billion devices - Will the Pyra be affected by this new exploit? They say...
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    PCSX Rearmed .Z files - uncompressing?

    Got a bunch of old .Z compressed CD-ROM images I made for pcsx reARMed and would like to test them on PC. Unfortunately pcsx reARMed on RetroArch can't recognize them. So i do a 'file' and they say they're zlib data. So I tried pigz/unpigz (a zlib compressor/decompressor) and for all my game...
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    Retroarch shaders are fun!

    I've been trying to chain shaders and overlays in retroarch to get a blend of crt-like feel combined with 'higher resolution' than SNES native. It has been super fun so far! Here is xbr lv3 + luminosity + modified scanline overlay + bloom + dynamic noise It takes up roughly 77% of my intel...
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    News from the Front

    Canadian Supreme Court rules Canadian government can force Google to censor links worldwide. Robot vacuum cleaner plans to sell maps of people's homes...
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    Video Games in the Future!

    Must-watch. implementation beginning NOW.
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    Be Thankful...

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    What if it isn't the CO2?

    Around 90% of the "greenhouse gas" in the Earth's atmosphere is water vapor. This vapor normally reflects heat back to the surface but under certain conditions it forms clouds, which reflect solar energy back into space, cooling the planet. This effect dwarfs that of CO2. Please watch this...
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    Computer Security and OS Design Videos by Joanna

    youtube search Joanna Rutkowska great lectures and cool young lady.