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  1. paddy

    Selling My New Pandora

  2. paddy

    Ogre3D Pyogre Python Ogre

    heeeloo ! I have wanted to get a 3d graphics engine set up for some time and have been dreaming of having something like ogre3d setup on my desktop so i can start to develop my project for the pandora. I have looked into a few different opensource engines and ogre3d looks to be the best for...
  3. paddy

    Sd Slot 2 Not Working

    I was transfering some files to my sd and to do this i need to take my sd out and put it in another device so i can transfer stuff to it via windows ,mass storage is so far not working for me ,i have only started using hotfix 3 today so i haven't had a lot of time to test. Anyway - on...
  4. paddy

    Pandora Mass Storage

    Hi ,i just wanted to know how to use the mass storage option on the pandora - does it mean when i have my pandora connected to my windows pc via the mini usb socket i can access the sd card on the pandora from the pc. Windows still asks for a usb driver when i have the pandora plugged into my...
  5. paddy


    I am trying to get gparted installed but after installing all the depends i get the error with the last depend (e2fsprogs-libs) ,it tells me it wants to overwrite but can't and then when i try to install gparted it looks like it doesn't download and then says could not be installed. I tried to...
  6. paddy

    Help ,i Need To Format My Sd

    Hi ,i need to format my sd on my pandora as i have been messing around with a ubuntu.img and messed things up ,the sd no longer shows on windows so the only way i can format it is via linux ,the pandora could do it for me but i have no idea how to format my sd on the pandora ,i tried to install...
  7. paddy


    I am looking to install ubuntu ,from looking on google and ubuntu/home i can see there is a beagle version and also a standard armel version ,but i think there might be a custom image for the pandora that was shown in videos before the pandora release. I am looking to install the best current...
  8. paddy


    Hi Just to let you guys know Epiphany is working on pandora ,it is working well,not crashed yet and is rapid,the only downfall is that it doesnt display some images on webpages but its small very fast and works nice without crashing/disappearing , did i say its very fast ? update install...
  9. paddy


    Hi I got transmission working by installing both the client,docs,gui and main transmission files,you need to update before installing the gui at the end.The main issue with transmission is the same issue i had when i was running stuff off of an sd card or flashdrive,transmission does not update...
  10. paddy

    Please Fix The Right Anolog Nub Functions

    Hello I have asked before in regards to mapping the games controls to other more usefull functions so we can use the mouse buttons more easily ,i am asking once more if this can be done and a full tutorial on how to do it becase this right anolog being used for mouse left and right click is...
  11. paddy

    Beta Document Viewer

    Hi ,i thought i should report that Document Viewer crashes when the pandora is overclocked ,it's also not as good as epdfviewer ,it's slower and you can't use mouse grab/scroll ,so mabe we could have it replaced in a future update with epdfviewer as its fast stable and does the drag/grab. :)
  12. paddy

    Pandora Tests

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have some specific hardware tests users could do to test many aspects of the pandora hardware ,lcd (brightness/gamma/pixels),speakers,touchscreen this sort of thing where users can do tests regulated by OPT so if there are any possible problems the...
  13. paddy

    Beta Chromium

    Hi ,i am trying to install chromium 0.1+svnr34027-r1.5 but after installing the depends and then installing chromium 0.1+svnr34027-r1.5 i get the error ,can't install. I have been trying to install quite a few programs from the feed browser...
  14. paddy

    Sixpair Ps3 Wireless Controller

    hi ,i have downloaded sixpair the ps3 bluetooth wireless controller driver pack for arm from the pandora file archive but i have no idea what to do with it ,there are no instructions and i would love to get this working so i am asking if someone could help me get it working ,ps i hope it's more...
  15. paddy

    Cheese Webcam Software

    hi i have installed cheese webcam software and now i want to get some basic drivers installed so different cams can be used but i think i need to do a kernel update and not sure if this is safe. i think this is the correct update to use,not sure .... update-modules, kernel-2.6.32...
  16. paddy

    [SOLVED] Bubble In My Touch Screen

    Hello Ok so i got my new pandora !yey and OPT sent me a new unit instead of fixing the issues that i had found with my first unit and they checked the unit over for me as i had requested as there were a few points on my old unit that i didn't like and well all those issues are now gone ! My...
  17. paddy

    Gigolo Ftp Server In Windows Xp

    So i read a few other posts about some of you guys trying to get windows shares working ,well i need the same help ,i have setup a windows xp server but when i use gigolo to connect i get an error ,is there a better way of accessing my windows files from the pandora ,infact is there a way ? this...
  18. paddy

    Changing The Function Of Buttoms

    Hello I would like to change some of the button functions on the pandora so i can use the web browser faster and more efficiently ,shoulder buttons to be used as web browser (l)forward / (r) back - pandora start button as web borwser home ,dpad to move through tabs and right anolog to be scroll...
  19. paddy

    Ubuntu Or Other Dist Alternative ?

    I want to mess with Ubuntu on the panodra but i am unsure how complete the repo would be for software/drivers so i am asking for some of the more advanced linux users out there if they have any ideas on what would be a better distro for getting more software running on the pandora. I want...
  20. paddy

    Wifi Problems

    My WIFI cuts off after about 15\25 mins of use,once it cuts off i can't restart unless i reboot the Pandora,it has been doing this since i got it,also i only get around 60\105kbs when i download a file. II am asking other Pandora users does your Pandora do this as well ? Cheers Paddy