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  1. LineOf7s

    Pandora Support Icon - remember them?

    Per this thread originally: ...which linked to this page which is still up: I'm glad people are finally starting to get their shiny metal Pandora keyrings, but has there been any mention (I searched a little) of any of the other 'rewards'...
  2. LineOf7s

    Pandora [SOLVED] GLBasic developer needs some Pandora-specific help

    Over on the GLBasic forums, the developer of GLBasic is having problems helping someone compiling GLBasic programs on the Pandora, saying "I have no idea. Really, Linux and packages is not my strength. I asked in a pandora IRC, but I got no reply." In an attempt to be a good net-citizen, and...
  3. LineOf7s

    Cheap & Easy Glowing Keyboard Mod

    Mmmm.... glowy stickers. Now with proper ThinkGeek credbility! $US9.99! ;) (Hey, it may be an option for people) More details here:
  4. LineOf7s

    Number of threads/posts per page setting?

    Apologies if I've missed it, but is there a setting on these boards somewhere (I expected it to be in Board Preferences -> Edit Display Options) that sets how many threads and/or posts to display per page? I had it set fairly high on the old boards, and the default setting here is feeling a lil...
  5. LineOf7s

    My Joystick Has Gone Limp!

    My GP2X joystick worked just fine, and then whilst calmly navigating my GMenu2X screen, it went all 'floppy', like it's suddenly become one of those old non-centring analog joysticks from the Apple II days. Given it no longer responds at all, I'm finding this to be a bit of an issue. :(...
  6. LineOf7s

    Gph Apps In Gmenu2x

    Somewhere along the line, I deleted and/or edited the links in GMenu2x for the default GP2X apps, specifically the music player. Now I want to add it back again so I can play music with it without having to exit GMenu2x first, but I'm yet to find any way to do it (can't find anything in the...
  7. LineOf7s

    Dead Wiki?

    No-one seems to have mentioned it yet, so I thought I'd better ask: Is the GP2X Wiki currently 'down'? All I get when I go to is ...and it's been like that for the last coupla days. Is it just me? Do I have the wrong URL? Has this been asked before, I just didn't find...