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  1. fantomid

    CM4 (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4) usage for the Pyra ?

    Informations have beed published on several sites now, for example: Do you think a new base could be made and the CM4 used in the future ?
  2. fantomid

    Wireframe magazine

    Who will find the community member answering question in this article ? ;) I got issues from this magazine, pretty interesting.
  3. fantomid

    Release Haxe toolkit

    Here is the Haxe toolkit: Included in the PND are the 3.2.1 and 3.4.4 versions of the toolkit and ocaml. To get more information about Haxe, go to the homepage The native compilation for Pandora (and Pyra :)) will be included...
  4. fantomid

    Software repo password reset

    Decided to update the OpenBOR pnd to follow the information contained in this chronocrash post, I tried to connect on the repo. But I forgot my password and maybe the email account attached :oops: I tried to reset it, but it seems that it's doesn't work anymore, does it ?
  5. fantomid

    Libre Software Meeting : July 01-07 Saint-Etienne (France)

    Hello all, I applied for a booth during the week-end (1st and 2nd of July) of the event. Don't hesitate to come and meet us.
  6. fantomid

    Toulouse Game Show SpringBreak 2017

    Spring edition of the november event, this one is pretty small in comparison with the winter edition. But the guys you meet are the same. Some photos:
  7. fantomid

    Capitole du Libre / Toulouse Game Show (2016)

    Just to announce that the Openpandora community will be in Toulouse (France) on a booth for "Le Capitole du Libre" (19th - 20th of November) and the "Toulouse Game Show" (26th - 27th of November) We may see you down there
  8. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine - Time to think about catching attention

    I am searching for some catch phrases to present all the people involved here. The first part of the advert will get phrases like: Passion for retrogaming Talented community The Open Source mouvement Two handhelds like a way, a conclusion of the first three sentences Then you will find a...
  9. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine

    Hello there, I got contacts to have one A4 page of communication about the community, the Pandora and the Pyra. The magazine Retroplaying will be release in France end of october. The main idea is to have two parts: On top the Pandora, with the text "TODAY" and some informations regarding the...
  10. fantomid

    Coverage in French events (2016 and 2017)

    In 2016, we may be in 2 events in Toulouse: Capitole du Libre, in november Toulouse Game Show, in november In 2017, some proposals: JDLL, in april (Lyon) - Free software Stunfest, in may (Rennes) - Video games / Retrogaming RMLL, in July (Saint-Etienne) - Free software Capitole du Libre...
  11. fantomid

    Promote community and devices

    What are the main events we have to be to promote all the works done here ? In France, we managed to be in FOSS events in Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon in the previous years. I have to send the application file to be at the videogames event in Toulouse, TGS, this year again. Gamescom in August...
  12. fantomid

    French Free Software event in Lyon

    Arrived by plane in the city of Lyon this evening for the JDLL and stopped at the Part-Dieu train station : Linux-SWAT get a conference slot saturday at 2 pm and half about the Pyra. ptitSeb and his son will be too on the booth. More pictures will be added during and after the event ;)
  13. fantomid

    Toulouse Game Show 2015 (FR)

    Last week-end with ptitSeb and Linux-SWAT, we were on a booth at Toulouse for this gaming / cosplay event. Pictures will be posted ASAP :D
  14. fantomid

    Capitole du Libre / Toulouse Game Show

    Just to announce that the Openpandora french team ;) will be in Toulouse (France) on a booth for "Le Capitole du Libre" (21th - 22th of November) and the "Toulouse Game Show" (28th - 29th of November) If you want to visit us and to see the first real Pyra prototype, don't hesitate ...
  15. fantomid

    RetroMIA & MIA

    These events are taking place in Belgium. Homepage RetroMIA is taking place in Namur at the end of october (30th october and 1st november 2015) and MIA is taking place in Brussels (from march 11th till march 13th 2016). I already exchanged mails to get booth for RetroMIA. As a hobby, we only...
  16. fantomid

    STM32F4 microcontroller and 800x600 resolution

    After discovering that VGA was possible with the Bitbox console, I was surprised to discover the following news on hackaday The video from the author (Cliff) is very impressive. Makapuf will probably try to contact the author to see what it's possible to do with the current Bitbox hardware and...
  17. fantomid

    JDLL 2015 - French two days event in Lyon (France)

    Hello there, This week-end in Lyon, we will be on a booth with ptitSeb for the JDLL. No Pyra prototype for the moment, maybe for the next event in France. Will be happy to meet you and discuss of free software and open hardware.
  18. fantomid

    Toulouse Game SHow 2014

    In Toulouse, France, this week-end we got a booth with ptitSeb and Linux-SWAT. Most of people were again interested and many applaused for the success of the project. Didn't have lot of time to take pictures (Linux-SWAT took some) so more will be posted. @Linux-SWAT and @ptitSeb, do you want...
  19. fantomid

    6th OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop

    ED will make a presentation during this event in Munich (29th and 30th of November). Informations are located on the website. Dr. Nikolaus Schaller will make very interested things too. Could we see afterwards the videos of the presentations and of the workshops ? During this week-end, I...
  20. fantomid

    Beagleboard and Cortex-A15

    Hello guys, I noticed this news some days ago: here It seems that the Cortex-A15 will be available for Beagleboard community. Works done in each community could be shared even if the SoC is not the same. Wait & See.