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  1. Hansel75

    [Caanoo] Vice C128 And Vic20!

    Hi all, it only occurred to me lately that the Vice emulator can be used for emulating other Commodore machines. Most people just set it up for C64 usage like i had done, but i was interested in what the C128 and Vic20 machines would be like through vice. I have setup 3 versions of Vice on my...
  2. Hansel75

    Alternative Portable Gaming Machine!

    Hey guys, just wanted to say i acquired a Toshiba NB550D Netbook and i did some emulation tests on it, and i have to say it's simply superb. It runs Win7, has 1gb ram, 250gb hd, an Amd 1ghz dual core cpu and a Raedon inbuilt 6250 gpu. The machine is a little sluggish in general because of the...
  3. Hansel75

    Help Needed With Overclocking!

    Hi Guys, i have been trying to work out how to overclock games/emu's/apps that don't support overclocking in there options. I have been directed to this site and i have followed the guide there, i must say it is all very confusing lol-...
  4. Hansel75

    Ginge Compatible Emulator List!

    Hi, i would like to start this topic with a list of emulators that work ok through Ginge. The point is to list any Gp2x/Wiz versions of emulators that haven't been ported to the caanoo, that work without any issues through Ginge. I know there is a current topic based on Ginge Compatible...
  5. Hansel75

    Lots Of Questions! Big Post!

    Hi all, i have some questions i was hoping someone can answer. 1-Is there any estimates out there on the total amount of caanoo's sold? For that matter, can anyone roughly estimate the sales of all the handheld formats, GP2x, Wiz, Caanoo, Dingoo, Pandora etc. I know it's impossible to answer...
  6. Hansel75

    Warcraft Caanoo Port?

    Hi all! I need help with getting the pc port of Warcraft running, i have followed the instructions down to the last letter. I had to change the default ini as it was still setup for the wiz version. It shows up in my games menu ok now, but when i go to run it it just quits back to the menu. I...
  7. Hansel75

    Experiences With Your Caanoo And Other People!

    Hi, Firstly a joke- Q-How do you know if someone owns an Iphone? A-They tell You! Ok, on with the subject matter. I just wanted to share some experiences with my caanoo since having it. And would like to hear others stories as well, as i think the more we expose the caanoo to other people...
  8. Hansel75

    Open Source Games List!

    Hi, i found this link and thought it might be of interest to some of you, for ideas on possible open source games to port to the caanoo. Hansel.
  9. Hansel75

    A Text To Speech Synthesizer!

    Hi again, just throwing some more ideas out there on possible caanoo ports. A software speech synthesizer, that converts text input into generated speech. Some possible programs of interest- ESpeak text to speech! (linux download and source)...
  10. Hansel75

    Caanoo / WIZ Improved C64 Caanoo Emulation?

    Hi all, any chances of seeing a better C64 emulator for the caanoo in the future? I have thoroughly used both Frodo and Vice for the caanoo, and both emulators have major issues in most games no matter what settings i have tried. Frodo runs at a decent speed, but sound emulation is poor and...
  11. Hansel75

    Sidplay2X And Oldplay Ports?

    Hi all, as there are no current players for the caanoo that support the c64 sid format, i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to try port Sidplay2x and Oldplay to the caanoo. They both offer sid playback support, and oldplay also supports many more formats as well! There are already...
  12. Hansel75

    My Wishlist!

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you to all the guys putting in the effort on the caanoo emulators and apps. I have made up a wishlist based on my experiences with the caanoo, if someday these issues could be fixed, integrated or built, that would be very cool. -C64 Emulation, Frodo and Vice...