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  1. J

    Gp32 Blu

    Hey, i have a gp32 blu with gba case (fits it PERFECTLY) and three 128mb smartmedia cards, go ahead and make an offer.
  2. J

    Did I Get A Good Deal?

    Hey, i just bought an old inspiron 8000 laptop with 700mhz pentium 3, 512mb ram, random laptop built in graphics, 1600x1200 15" screen, dvd driver, dual mouse controls (touch pad and eraser mouse), running windows xp pro. With a new battery and a wifi card the total was $130---i just sort of...
  3. J

    The Pandoras Speakers

    With all the pandora information i have not seen any information about the speakers, does anyone know about placement/type/quality of the speakers?
  4. J

    Two Tapwave Zodiacs +accesories

    hey, im looking for offers on two tapwave zodiac 1 gaming pda's. I have the two devices, a leather wallet style case, 3 games - z pak: fun which includes kickoo's breakout, mega bowling and paintball, duke nukem mobile and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4, they are all in there original box and on sd...
  5. J

    Gp2x Mk2 With Usb Host/tv Out Cable And More

    I have a gp2x mk2 for sale in great condition with a case, tv out cable (without extension), a usb host/tv out cable from , a 1gb sd card, four batteries/charger, and I think i may even have the box, cd and manual that came with it. $150 OBO
  6. J

    Gps Cell Phone Question

    I need to buy a new cellphone soon and though there are many features i want, most of them have a huge monthly price tag attached to them. The only feature that wouldn't cost a lot that i can think of would be gps. Do gps enabled phones allow you to use the gps for free? If not, what in the...
  7. J

    Could Someone Test This Game?

    Hey, i was on youtube and i saw this and realized that it runs very good and is on the old release of psx4gp2x. Could someone who has access to this game please test it on the latest version of psx4gp2x (the one that zodttd put on some websitem, im not...
  8. J

    Gamepad Advice

    What is the best fairly cheap usb gamepad that is small and can be used with an unpowered gp2x/hub?
  9. J

    Zen Micro As Usb Hard Drive?

    Has anyone ever tried using a zen micro as a usb hard drive for there gp2x. I was thinking about buying one with a broken headphone jack (common problem) and using it as a 6gb portable battery/ac powered hard drive.
  10. J

    Gameboy Micro W/supercard Minisd 1gb Card

    I am interested in selling my GameBoy Micro with supercard mini sd and 1gb mini sd card and warioware twisted. It comes with the three faceplates, the charger, and the pouch. It is in perfect working condition. If anyone is interested then just throw out a reasonable offer.
  11. J

    Supercard Minisd Problem

    My Supercard Mini SD just shipped from Hong Kong and I loaded up some of the roms I had been playing with gpsp. Unfortunately out of the 20 i tried only two worked... ssx and virtua tennis. All i did was put the files onto the card and hit A. Should I be doing something else? Do only certain...
  12. J

    Tandy Color Computer 3

    How much is a Tandy Color Computer 3 worth on ebay if it comes with all the basic peripherals like floppy disk and printer?
  13. J

    Grayscale Tv Out

    I ordered a tv out cable and extender from gp2xstore and it works great but the picture is grayscale. I have heard people mention this in the past but I have never heard a real solution. Is there any way to fix this?
  14. J

    Need Xbox 360 Hd Help!

    I just got a new samsung 1080p 40" hdtv and an xbox 360 with the vga cable. I cant tell which looks better... the 1080p setting on the standard component hd cable or the 1920x1080 setting on the vga. Which is technically higher quality? Also... when I play a movie from my computer that is...
  15. J

    Tapwave Zodiac Up For Sale

    Tapwave Zodiac 1 up for sale on ebay... check it out!;rd=1&rd=1
  16. J

    Two Zodiac 1's

    By this weekend i will have 2 zodaic 1's which i am probably going to sell on ebay. What do you think they would be worth. They are not new in box but the box comes with them and they come with charger/sync cable as well as the cd with all the software. They are lightly used but only for...
  17. J

    Quake 2 Update?

    The archive says that quake 2 has been updated. I downloaded but the readme didnt mention that it was updated. Im trying to secure the pak files so i can test it but am curious if anyone else knows what this is about. Edit: I just tried it and because I never played the one before I don't...
  18. J

    Usb/tv Out Question

    I realize now that I don't really want a breakout board that bad, i mainly just want a cable with a female usb port and a tv out cable that goes into standard red yellow and green inputs on modern telivisions. Does anyone in North America sell a cable like this. I know ArtTaylor makes these...
  19. J

    Psx Question

    This is just a question... i didn't know where to put it... dont flame me. My question is: Can the fullspeed psx emulator be ported to the gp2x or does it make use of the psp's 2d/3d hardware. If it does or if the psp has a faster proccesor then i thought then ok. I was just wondering because...
  20. J

    Dev Board Dimensions?

    As the topic states... what are the dimensions of the non retail (developers) version of the break out board?