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    Sharp Zaurus Sl-C1000

    Hi not been on here in yeeeeeaaarss. Anyway I just found my old Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 and was wondering if anyone knew how much (if anything) they are worth these days ? Have a wireless card with it too. Checked on google and couldn't see much about anywhere selling them or any on ebay.
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Here me showing off again with a new toy :P My KI cab on youtube Im showing off nwo but a little earlier i was tryin to get it up the stairs with my brother and i nearly died as it came down on top of me :(. Anyoen have any suggerstions about gettin a huge ki cab up stairs ? or any one live...
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    Hmv Portable Hand Held Mega Drive £29.99

    Thought some here might like this -----> 20 built in games and tv out cable looks quite good. Alex Kidd Alien Storm Altered Beast Arrow Flash Columns III Crack Down Decap Attack Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine E-SWAT Cyber Police...
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    My Street Fighter 2 Pachislo Machine :d

    Ive not been on here in ages but i just got a street fighter pachislo yesterday and thought id let yous see it :P. Its basically a japanese fruitmachine. heres a video of one of the bonus rounds too where it plays lots of music and you win lots of tokens :) Mine is fitted with a volume...
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    Who Plays Mame On Kaillera? Or Anythin On Kaillera

    Rigth who plays mame on kaillera ? or any other emu on kaillera ? Im thinkin about makin a forum if i can about kaillera and its many emulators. Im sick of goin on kaillera and finding only street fiughetr 3 and winning eleven gAMES on there. I want to play other games and organiuse other...
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    N95 8gb Is The Best Have A Look !

    heres some stuff the NES emu for starters --->NES EMU VBAG gba emu -------> GBA EMO ON THE N(% PICODRIVE ON THE N95 --->HEREEEEE QUAKE ON THE N95 ----->HEREEEE
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    Mgs4 I Just Completed It !

    Abyone else got it and or completed it ? what did you think of it ? I thougth it was amazzing !
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    Namco X Capcom Ps2 Get It Its Great !

    I heard about namco x capcom ages ago thought it looked good but ah well its only jap and will never be in english but Transgen have been translating it and i thought id try it and see and i honestly cant stop playing it! Theres a english beta patch v2 just came out a few weeks ago. I thought id...
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    Gta 4 Anyone Els Eabout To Go Get It ? :p

    I think the GAME just down the road form me opens in less than 30 mins to sell gta 4. I hope they have some ones to sell after the pre orders. What should i get it for the PS3 or the 360 ? and why ? BE quick i will be leaving in like 20 mins :P
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    Onslaught (very Addictive!)

    Ok heres this great flash game ---->Onslaught If its been posted before sorry but i have searched and couldnt find it :P. Anyway once you find out how this game works and about the combos and upgrading then it gets very addictive and can last aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.
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    Some Sort Of Hawk Or Falcon ?

    Just saw this in my garden today ------> Some bird Anyone any idea what it is ? dont see many of these kind of birds in the garden where i live. Actually saying that i have seen a huge Heron on my shed a couple of times but that was strange too.
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    Gp2x Dosnt Work With Batteries Anymore ! :(

    Yesterday i went to have a go on the GP2X and it didnit turn on ! So i stuck in some new batteries still nothing then another set and another set and none worked ! So then i plug it in and it comes on :D. Now this is the thing that could explain whats happend , Its a 5V plug !!! I know i know...
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    Consolevania Season 3!

    Consolevania season 3 has just appeard ------>Consolevania
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    Anyone here use Kaillera ? Ive just started to get back into kaillera and thought there must be people on here that use it? If someone knows how to then i think they should make a kaillera server :P i can make one run off my pc but i dont know what to do to make it run all the time...
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    Mk Vs Sf Flash Animation Thing

    Just found this flash animation and thougth it was rather good :) MK vs SF
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    Cps3 Emulator Running Street Fighter 3 !

    Just been trying out the CPS3 emulator and it seems very good ! :D Just some graphical glitches in some games. Heres a wee video of me playing it on my big tv :D ------>HERE Not sure if this is in the right place maybe it should be in off topic ?
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    Emulators On The Wii

    I finally got myself a gamecube control pad! So now i can try out the emulators on the wii. So heres a wee video of the snes emulator ------>HERE Maybe i wont be buying anymore virtual console games :P
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    One Station Video

    This is a wee video of the One station i got from dealextreme. I got it working a bit better now. I thought it was faulty but i think it just needs good batteries and rechargable ones dont seem to be good enough for it. Heres the Video ----->HERE I tryed it with the tv out on my tv but it was...
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    Angry Nintendo Nerd (video Game Nerd) Anything Else Liek This ?

    Is there any other videos like the angry nintendo nerd videos ? Heres the website ----->HERE Some of the funniest things ive watched in a while. I had already watched them all a while back but there is a couple of new ones wich ive just watched now.
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    Modding A Wii

    Has anyone modded their wii yet ? is the CYCLOWIZ the one to get ? Anyone in the UK used or ? whats the best one to go with ? anyone near livingston in scotland good at soldering ? :P or will i have ot try it myself ? :( EDIT: I just orderd one and chose...