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    Nintendo Wii Wireless Usb Keyboard And Gp2x?

    Hi all, I don't suppose anyone would know if the Nintendo Wii wireless USB keyboard would work with the GP2X USB at all? Ninendo Wii wireless USB keyboard I am thinking that it would make a neat portable keyboard for the GP2X with a EXT-USB connector, or the cradle. cheers, Paul
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    Adding Usb Gamepad Support To Vice-gp2x

    Hi all, Sorry, but I wasn't sure if this should be in the Emulation or Homebrew forums. Anyway, I have two questions: 1. how do I rebuild the VICE 1.22 source code for the gp2x if I manage to do any modifications to it? I have got the source code, and I have the devkitGP2X + code:blocks...
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    GP2X Can't Compile .c File (uses Sdl) To .o (using Devkitgp2x)

    Hi all, I can make SDL programs using the SDL_Mixer for the gp2x using the devkitGP2X ok, but when I do the same thing using freepascal I get a crash. So to try and get around this issue I am experimenting with trying to make a library? file (*.o) that I can link into the freepascal to see...
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    Faint Output When Writing To Gp2x Frame Buffer Device (/dev/fb0)

    Hi all, I am experimenting (using freepascal) with writing to the gp2x frame buffer (/dev/fb0) directly to see if I can speed up some graphics I was doing. I am opening up the frame buffer device using the Open() function: CODE fb := Open('/dev/fb0', O_RDWR); I am then mapping memory...
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    Gp2x Power Supply Question

    Hi all, I am planning on buying a GP2X very shortly and am curious about the external power supply. From what I have read the GP2X requires a 3.3V @ 1A minimum power supply, but various people seem to be using 3V supplies quite happily... Do I really need a 3.3V supply or can I get away...