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    Monaco 360 - Retro Racing

    Hi chaps, hope you are well... Anyway since it all started here with me producing "Monaco GP2x - retro racing" for the GP2x, thought I'd announce that I've just finished and launched the port for the XBOX 360. download at XBOX Marketplace, reviewed at and ...I...
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    Monaco Gp2x, First Release - Retro By Design

    Hi there chaps, Hope you are all well. Right then.... What we have here is possibly the worst driving game out :D ...Well it's perhaps not that bad. I've kicked major code as* and i'm please to share with you the first release of my humble 2d racing game. My first ever game. I've added...
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    Gp2x F200 Delivered Jan/07

    Hi there chaps, I've got a problem with my gp2x.... To be fair to they have offered to take the unit back under warranty, but I thought I’d check with you guys first. The power switch on my f200 is so tough to move I have to use my nail. Also sometimes it will not catch onto the on...
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    "monaco Gp2x", 2d Racer Inspired By Sega's Monaco Gp

    Hello there, Thought i'd let you all know that i've just launched my 2d racing game "Monaco GP2x"... It's now fully playable at version v.0.8.x... Many thanks to everyone who's helped me get to this stage. Enjoy... :D download Jamie
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    GP2X Re:... Drawing The Road On A Top Down 2d Racer

    Just have a quick query on a project that i'm working on and i'm hoping to get the communities input if possible. (demo image... it doesn't do much :) , it's drawing the car, processing the input and capping the frames to 60fps) My question is to do with do with drawing a road for my monaco...