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    Nubs hosed post update

    I haven't used my P in some time. I fired it up today and upgraded the OS and Apps. Now, the right nub moves the mouse, but I can't left or right click. Help.
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    Audio, no video when playing video files

    Most of my video files were encoded for iPhone. I think these all played fine on my P previously. I reinstalled the codec pack, searched the forums and what is left of the wiki and can't find a solution. I've tried with Gnome Mplayer and SMPlayer 2 from the repo. Same result. The audio plays...
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    Repo throttling?

    Is there some type of throttling in place on the repository? Downloading an app is just ridiculous. With Pndstore, I can rarely update the file list. I give up and 10 minutes when it is not complete. With PNDManager it takes multiple times to get a single app. It downloads very quickly for a few...
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    Qupzilla site certificates

    Every site I visit that uses certificates throws an error. I googled and found that the problem is documented, but I didn't see a solution. It seems there is no certificate authority. Is there a solution to this? If not, I suppose I will pray for patience and use Firefox.
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    Web Fonts

    I checked the angstrom repositories and didn't see the msttcorefonts package. A few of the sites I frequent really don't display well and on my Ubuntu systems, I would normally install this package to fix it. Any suggestions on an alternative?
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    This has been mentioned. Is there a reason it hasn't been ported yet? No interest? Seems that as a OSS linux app, it would be easier than some of the others. Is the problem that it is multi-player? Not griping, just asking. It is in the port request thread. Thanks.
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    USB Keyboard CAPS Lock

    It seems that I have to have the caps lock on in order to type lower case letters. Anyone seen this? Anyone know how to fix it? I downloaded External Keyboard Helper and my keyboard is working reasonably well other than that.
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    Stream browser

    I didn't want to grave dig and pull up an old thread, but is there a stream browser (icecast, shoutcast, etc.) that will allow you to open the stream in Deadbeef? I tried using FF and setting DB to open files of type m3u, but no joy. I've previously used streamtuner (now streamtuner2) on linux...
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    Improving the flash experience

    I thought I would share a little information in hopes that a developer might take a look at this. Google no longer offers flash via Google Play for the latest Jelly Bean and the Chrome available for JB also does not support it. The solution, install a flash package available outside Play and...
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    While We Are Waiting Can We Get Some Pics Of The Accessories?

    I understand that we have seen the battery and the cable is not yet complete. What about the case? As the mould is in production, it would seem that the case can be completed. It would be good to see a link for the accessories on the OP site. Show the battery, add the cable when complete (or a...
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    How Goes The Hinge Tweaking And Board Testing?

    It has been a week since Craig posted the following response to my question asking whether the moulds had been ordered. As the case moulds are a 35 day wait it would seem like board testing could continue during mould production. Maybe that is a bad assumption. What progress has been made in the...
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    Have The Moulds Been Ordered? If So, When?

    This was kicked around in another thread, but no answer. Have the moulds been ordered? If so, when? If not, when will they be ordered?
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    Does MWeston have the case?

    Is the device being assembled to check the fit? What is going on?
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    Lost Pandora Phone Home

    They have apps that will allow you to track a lost ipod if someone plugs it in via USB. I am wondering about something similar for the Pandora. Certainly don't want to lose it and if i do, I want to be able to send out my attack ninjas to retrieve it. Any thoughts?
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    Plan For Memory?

    I have been looking at Class 6 32GB SDHC. The other thing I am considering is an SD Micro to SDHC adapter or similar. What are folks planning and where have you found good prices (other than eBay)? Thanks.