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    Not much happens in the android threads so I thought I'd put up a request and see if I get any response. Would someone find it in there heart to make Android ports of some of the GP2X/WIZ/Caanoo emulators? In particular Picodrive - Can't find a decent Mega CD emulator on Android BBC - There is...
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    Picodrive Willie Beamish Problem

    Just tried Willie Beamish on picodrive for the Caanoo and the colours seem to be wrong. I'm not sure if that's how it's meant to be or if it's a problem with the emulator. They start off fine but when the games intro story starts it looks wrong
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    Questions On Yinlips Ydpg18

    So it looks like my Caanoo may not be able to do some stuff I want so I may change direction and get a Yinlips, mainly the G18. However first I would like to know some things. So does anyone know the answers to the following. Does the screen give as good an image as caanoo? Emulation support -...
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    My Thoughts On Some Emulators And Apps On Caanoo

    I'm bored so I thought I would make a list of emulators and a few apps that I use on the Caanoo, say what I think of them and put some requests in for features. Hopefully in reading this some clever developer guy will think "I can do that" and do just that. First the ones that I would like to...
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    Anyone Working On Anything?

    Things seem to have gone a bit quiet on the news front so I was wondering if and what people are working on at the moment?
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    Uae Questions

    Am I right in thinking the Overclock feature doesn't work on this? No matter what I change the setting to there is no difference in performance. Also I noticed that in It Came From The Desert the intro animation finishes before the speech is finished. Is there a problem with the sound timings?
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    One of my favourite interpreters on Caanoo is ScummVM. So my questions is are there any chances of seeing ResidualVM on the caanoo?(ie: would it be possible, is anyone up for the challenge)
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    Tv-Out Sound + Controllers

    Does TV-Out support sound to the TV as well as picture? I just get a buzz from my TV and sound from the caanoo. I know the S'video cable I'm using works fine as I have used it on other consoles. The adapter I'm using is the same one I used for the GP2X. I have no problem with the sound output on...
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    Picodrive 32X Question

    Hi Does Picodrive play the 32x cd games? If not is it planned?
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    Pcsx Rearmed Issue X-Files

    In another thread I said about problems getting X-Files to work. Well it seems I've managed it. All I needed to do was reduce the PSX CPU Clock. I was increasing it because I thought higher number = better speed and as the FMV's were stuttering it seemed logical. However when I have it between 0...
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    Picodrive Sms

    Hey all. On picodrive I've just realised that master system games work however I can't seem to start the games. The game loads to the title screen but the button presses are not recognised. Is that normal? If not how do I configure the controls? One last question -> Will game gear games be...
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    Emulation Overclocking Sound

    Hi all I'm having a problem finding the right settings on emulators. When I overclock I can get a good framerate but the sound always seems to go the wrong pitch. This is happening in Picodrive and GPSP. Is there anyway to stop this?
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    Scumm Vm Image Viewer

    Hi Would it be possible for an image viewer to be added to scumm? I have used the psp version and it is possible to view image files while playing. This helps when playing sierra games like police quest where you need to keep checking maps and penal codes. I really like the Caanoo port and...
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    Pandora Or Wiz I Just Dont Know

    I usually hate these threads where someone asks what they should buy but I really don't know which one I should try and get. I'm leaning towards Pandora for the keyboard and I think the screen will be safer when the thing is closed. What I really want to know is which would have the better...
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    My Gp2x May Be Broke

    I picked up my GP2x and something was rattling inside it. I tipped it up with the battery cover off and a little black thing fell out. It looks like it should be on the circuit board. Its abot 1/2 a centimeter has a white P in a black square and then what looks like C106. The GP2X seems to...
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    Bad Loooosers

    Ive just had a game of Call Of Duty 4 on PS3 and decided to have a 1 on 1 game. Some guy in america was my opponent and crossfire was our map . I was ready for a fun friendly game. The game started and as always I went on the hunt moving silently checking corners etc. Suddenly a voice comes...
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    Picodrive Question

    Not sure if this has been asked before (or if I asked it) but what are the chances of having the 32x integrated into this emulator . Probably Zilch I guess but I ask because Im thinking of selling my megadrive + CD + 32X as a GP2X with Cradel and HDD takes up a lot less space and power sockets
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    Whats Being Worked On

    Everythjng seems to have gone quiet recently and I was just wondering if any emulators are still being worked on. There was talk of a 3do emulator, Vice being fixed (sound delays), vectrex emulation as well as others. Amiga emulation seems to have been put on hold till someone new takes up the...
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    What Ever Happened With...

    1 - The meeting with the Games developer about developing for th GP2X 2 - Freedo for the GP2X. Is it still being workied on?? :unsure:
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    Dodgy Sd

    Can someone help. I put some tv episodes (XVid format) on an sd card. Somehow the card has become corrupted and only 3 files appeared but dont play and no matter how I delete them or format the card they always come back. I cant do a scan disk because it just fails Is there any program that...