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    I Was Wondering

    I was wondering about the possibilities of using Fenix for commercial games. I couldn't find any information about this. I have no idea how stable it is, esp for GP2X, so it may not even be interesting for freeware games.
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    Are You Planning To Develop Games For Gp2x?

    To clarify: Easier then C means a simpler programming solution like Basic. Game making software means something like Click&Play or RPG Maker. I'm interested in knowing the situation for possible games for GP2X and if there's a big interest there may be a larger interest for others to make game...
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    GP2X Anyone Up For Go On Gp2x?

    I just got hooked on Go but I don't think I'm a good enough programmer to make this run on GP2X. GNU Go can be found here.
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    GP2X Question To Those With Devboards

    From what I've heard you can't have 1 image on the screen and 1 image on a TV at the same time, correct? Is it possible to turn the TV image on and off while the TV is plugged in? I just had this idea where you pass the GP2X to the active player but because the others shouldn't see what he does...
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    Play Basic For Gp2x

    I've talked to Underware Design about making Play Basic (2D dev software) to work with GP2X and this is the answer I got: "Yes, we've been looking at GP2X (and few other toys) for a while now. Since PB is Virtual Machine based, it would be possible to build cross platform VM's in the (not...
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    Next Gen Games Doubles Development Cost

    I just read an article about how the increased quality of the next generation of games are pushing the cost of development. We may see an increase in the price of console games from today's $49 to $59 or even $69. Personally I'm planning on getting a job next year so I can buy a PS3 and a HD...
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    GP2X You Want Make Games For Gp2x?

    Can anyone get this thread pinned? Introduction Since there are some who want to develop games for GP2X but have no clue on how to do it or are looking at some simple solutions I would like to help them get started with SDL. I'm very new to this myself and I just heard about GP2X a few weeks...
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    Multitasking News

    Anna mentioned this "At the moment GPH is so busy doing multitasking."
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    More Speed?

    In the evenings, I guess when both EU and US are active, this forum gets horrible slow. It sometimes takes more then 1 minute to load a new page, feels like beeing back on a 19k modem again. Sometimes I have the time to do other things while I'm waiting for a page to load. Is there any way that...
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    GP2X Got A Little C++/sdl Problem

    Didn't seem to be much traffic at the other board I tried so I'm hoping for a reply here instead. With Sol's tutorial as base I've started working on an image draw function, not that hard really. It's still very basic but I got an alpha color key coded in so I get transparency. Now the problem...
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    GP32 Newbie Wants A Little Help With Coding

    Don't know if this is the most apropriate board to post this but here goes. I'm totally new to both C++ and SDL but I've been coding high-level stuff for years. Anyway, with Sol's tutorial as base I've started working on an image draw function, not that hard really. It's still very basic but I...
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    GP2X Need Help To Set Up Sdl In Dev-c++

    I tried to follow Sol's tutorial but things didn't work the same when I tried to install it myself. Seems some things have changed since the tutorial was written. So, if anyone could give me like a step by step guide I would be verry happy. I wanna make a test to see if I can port my mobile game...
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    Position Of Ports

    Have you guys noticed that the prototype have the USB, EXT and DC ports on the right side of the unit? They are quite a lot in the way if you want to play games at the same time as using one of them.
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    Just Something Weird

    I just wanted to point out the fact that my forum rank says "GP32 user" while I've not even touched one, and a week ago I didn't even know they existed B)
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    Something To Bring Along With Your Gp2x

    SD cards may be quite practical due to the smal size but you can't have a lot of video material on them. So maybe a 1" USB HDD might do the trick? You might run out of batteries quite fast but running a GP2X plugged in with a USB HDD you get quite a nice movie player to bring along to your...
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    Any chance of making multiplay work on GP2X? Like connecting 2 of them with a USB cable?
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    GP2X About The Included Compiler And Sdk?

    Anybody know anything about that or have a bigger shot then this:
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    Just Saying Hi

    I'm new to this forum and the whole GP scene. A friend pointed me in this direction and I'm getting interested in GP2X. I develop games on various systems on my free time. Been using game development software based on BASIC and I'm also a bit of a web developer using PHP and MySQL. Currently I'm...