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  1. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    Hello, I tried searching but could not find any references. Great port of Vice, although I have run into two issues: 1) Only tape games will work for me. Disks stick on "Loading" forever. I have toggled Warp mode on and off. Are there other settings I should play with, or should I just get the...
  2. gaterooze

    Waiting For Pandora

    Waiting for the Pandora has almost become a hobby in itself. Like many hobbies, it's often enjoyable and sometimes frustrating. Obsessive, compulsive, and teetering on overtaking the focus of one's life. I'm not entirely sure I want it to end. I think I may miss it.
  3. gaterooze

    All Good Things...

  4. gaterooze

    Gmenu2X Now On Dingoo!

    In case you haven't heard, the mighty Gmenu2X has been ported to Dingoo!
  5. gaterooze

    Photo Gallery Software For Presenting?

    Hi, I need to put together a DVD which I can give to a client, that will show them a gallery (with sub-galleries) of photos nicely presented. I need two versions, one that will work on a PC (i.e. they launch an .exe and the gallery is presented), and one that will work on a normal DVD...
  6. gaterooze

    Free To Good Home In Australia

    If anyone in Oz wants these, just pay the shipping (from NSW 2316) and they're yours. * GamesTM issues #1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17 * Hyper issues #87, 89, 92, 95, 96, 98, 142 * Nintendo Gamer issue #11 * Official Australian Xbox Magazine issues #1, 4, 5, 17 plus a playable demo disc...
  7. gaterooze

    Fs: Super Wild Card 32mb - Snes Copier Unit

    Hi all, I'm moving house in a couple of months and am finally considering selling my pride & joy, an upgraded 32MB Super Wild Card copier unit for the SNES. This baby has served me well and has been well looked after in return. It still works perfectly, and I even have the original box. PAL...
  8. gaterooze

    Wanted: Pc Zone #190 (feb 2008)

    Found! Thanks, no longer needed!
  9. gaterooze

    Commodore 64 Book Now Available! I preordered this about a year ago and received it a couple of weeks ago. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Beautifully laid out, with game summaries for each year of the C64's life, screenshots, box shots, magazine ratings, etc. Exactly what I wished for...
  10. gaterooze

    Trading Gp2x For Your Custom Firmware Psp

  11. gaterooze

    Comix Port? Is a port plausible? The zoom function looks lovely in particular.
  12. gaterooze

    Old Game Magazine Scans

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but please move/delete if it's a no-no. Does anyone have links to torrents of scans for old gaming mags like Your Sinclair, Amiga Power, Saturn/Dreamcast mag, Mean Machines, etc? I bought a few collections from...
  13. gaterooze

    Siege Game Idea

    A little action/puzzle game concept if anyone is looking for ideas: Essentially, you control a man/woman in a single-screen house (top-down view) which is under siege by zombies/gangstas/aliens/Jehovas Witnesses/whatever you fancy. The game starts calmly and you need to make preparations...
  14. gaterooze

    Button Mapping In Vice?

    I guess this is more wishful thinking than anything, but is there any way to map the joystick's "up" direction to the Y button? IIRC Frodo2X now has this option, but I couldn't find any mention of it regarding VICE. Regardless, it's a wonderful emulator, probably my favorite on the GP2X. I...
  15. gaterooze

    Anyone Get Alien C64 Working On Vice Or Frodo?

    I've tried a few versions (tape and disk) and they all reach the green screen showing the characters (Ripley. etc). It says hit Control 1 for Full Game or Control 2 for Short Scenario, yet nothing I do starts the game... the music just loops on and on. Anyone have any more luck?
  16. gaterooze

    Hunt The Wumpus

    Prime for a remake or port? C source available here:
  17. gaterooze

    Snes Game Reviews Starting With The Letter (A)

    A couple of years ago in a few spare days between projects, I started writing reviews of every SNES game ever made, just for fun. I didn't get very far. Today, I stumbled onto the file I started and thought I'd post it here in case anyone finds it useful. There are brief reviews of about 20...
  18. gaterooze

    Game Concept

    I'm no coder, but I thought of a Puzzle/Reflex game concept today which sounds appealing, to me at least. If anyone's interested in running with this, go for it :) Split-screen vertically, so you have two play-areas side-by-side, each one a scrolling grid (akin to Vektar?). On the left side...
  19. gaterooze

    Star Defender Video

    I can't remember seeing this posted (and a search didn't show anything), but I just stumbled upon this WIP video of JimmySlam's first GP2X game, Star Defender: It looks sensational!
  20. gaterooze

    Psp Memory Stick "corrupt" -- Any Ideas?

    My buddy's 2gb memory stick he uses in his PSP has a crippling problem. Whatever you copy onto it and then access via the PSP, gets corrupted. I've run media checks that report 0 bad sectors. The memstick works perfectly when only using it on the PC, but the second it's accessed by the PSP...