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    how how can i add chinese font to unoffical os?

    Stylus would be cool, but that's difficult to get right, and these handhelds don't have a lot of power. I'll do that sometimes with Pleco, but I wind up with a fairly large set of options because the software doesn't really know what I want to write. It's faster to use Pinyin, Wubi or one of the...
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    Dungeon keeper on qmenu?

    Interesting, if you're using Qemu and wine, then that would be the windows version, if you've got 3D acceleration running that might make a difference. Because of the resolution on the Pandora, I'm not sure how much difference it's going to make between the two versions. The windows version is...
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    Pandora as infrared universal remote control?

    I think though that if you're going to go to the trouble of seeing up an arduino or similar to do this, then you might as well ditch the IR and go for wifi or RF. Now that I think of it, I did see something a while back that converted a typical controller into one that sent signals via RF to a...
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    Pandora as infrared universal remote control?

    Why not something like this? Apart from the inconvenience of having it block the port, it seems like an easy enough way of handling things. Personally, I rarely use the headphone jack anyways, so it wouldn't be that big of...
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    Openpandora Ltd (UK) Struck off email

    How would that help? They had problems producing sufficient units to fill the orders, I'm not sure how increasing demand and draining the funds to cover the overages. Also, don't feed trolls.
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    A possible explanation for the sudden influx of pre-orderers (the "500 instead of 150")

    Most likely if you requested a refund, you were taken off the queue and placed in the queue for refunds. And I have no idea where the money to pay that would come from at this point. The queues were always rather queer in that I was like number 1500-1600 and It never did get to me, I wound up...
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    8086tiny - PC XT emulator interesting for really old DOS games?

    This is great. I'm not sure how much utility it's going to be, but it's definitely appreciated.
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    Looking to buy a Pandora

    Yes a battery is included. The Pandora is the charger, and it does come with a power adapter. Although you don't need it as it does charge via the mini-usb as well. Or at least I think it charges through USB, I've never bothered to try as the power adapter port looks more durable.
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    Is more better??

    Not true.Chinese people usually read from left to right and top to bottom these days. During my year in China I didn't once come across any written material that was right to left. The orthography doesn't demand that it be printed in one direction or another, but they've pretty much standardzied...
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    Warning: Avoid earbuds with "Apple ControlTalk" feature!

    This is one of the reasons why I refuse to have anything to do with Apple products. They charge way too much for their hardware, then use non-standard ports to try and force people to stay within their ecosystem. In order to technically comply with EU regulations on the type of charging cables...
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    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    I kind of like having a camera on my phone, but I don't use it very much. It's handy for things like reading barcodes, video conferencing and the occasional "where did I park" record keeping. I'm not sure that it's worth whatever the cost is to add it to the Pyra though.
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    SIM card (CALL)

    Where would they fit the 3rd SD slot without making the unit any bigger? Looking at my Pandy, I don't see a lot of space on the outside for the port,and I suspect the inside is even more cramped.
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    Micro USB plz?

    If you're going to accuse me of being a jackass, the least you could do is actually read the posts that you're responding to. The typical user of a device that gets the kind of run time that the Pyra is going to get, is not going to be plugging it in every day. And AFAIK, they aren't going to...
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    Micro USB plz?

    And precisely what does that have to do with the assertion that it's sturdy enough? People on average will be plugging the thing in less frequently. And even if they do plug the thing in every single day, the port is still capable of dealing with that. And no, the battery doesn't affect the...
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    Micro USB plz?

    Why would he be repairing that for free? Bottom line is that if they properly engineer the port it's well within the realm of possibility of outliving the device it's attached to. At some point people need to understand that a warranty does not grant them the right to break their units and make...
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    will there be a new pandora with a quad core?

    4 seems to me to be a sufficient number of cores. Or are you planning on turning yours into a server?
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    Feedback on

    Honestly, that's still a rather naive approach to take. Unless he's been careful about never reusing the same username, never posting anywhere for more than a few posts, never having his email leaked when a company accidentally allows spammer access to it, he can be tracked down by anybody that...
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    Feedback on

    We already have a problem of people not caring enough to vote and you want to erect additional hassles? Seriously? Are you even reading what you're posting? You must be new to the internet. The technology is there by anybody that really cares to figure that sort of thing out. It's rather naive...
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    30h Flight any ideas?

    Before I went to China, I made a point of figuring out what kind of planes the airline was flying. I then went and looked up what the entertainment options were. The OP should be able to figure out what kind of ports to expect. But, I wouldn't necessarily count on them being there as often times...
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    Micro USB plz?

    Why did you even bother to respond if you couldn't be bothered to read my post? I've had my Nexus One since they went on the market in early 2010, it's been plugged and unplugged at least 1200 times at this point and the jack isn't likely to give out any time soon. In fact the rest of the device...