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  1. fuji99

    [SOLVED] SNES9x4P Help

    Hi all, I guess I tried a bad rom earlier today as it froze my Pandora after a few minutes. This wouldn't be a big deal except now when I try to load SNES9x4P (not the rom in question, the actual emulator), I either get kicked back to the desktop or the whole unit freezes. I tried...
  2. fuji99

    Thank you to everyone

    I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone here that has assisted someone in setting up/using their Pandora. If you didn't already know, people like Hakmanplayer are in the minority and most of us value and appreciate your contributions. Me personally, I was nervous when I ordered my...
  3. fuji99

    Dragon Quest IX (NDS)

    I haven't touched any other game since I picked this up, almost 170 hours played now. I was just wondering if anyone else here plays this game. Also, first!