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  1. XxionxX

    Forget this, I'm getting a 40" TV and a Playstation 3. Peace out!

    Forget this, I'm getting a 40" TV and a Playstation 3. Peace out!
  2. XxionxX

    Stupid Noob Question

    No thanks bra.
  3. XxionxX

    We need a mod

    If I needed warning or discipline, then shouldn't it have been given? I refuse to comment on said thread for obvious reasons. I understand and respect your position, but that is exactly why a new mod is needed. I don't like trolls, especially bad ones. If you want to use my behavior as an...
  4. XxionxX

    We need a mod

    I haven't really cared before, but I demand at least one new mod. Wizardstan, BP, Sony, I don't care who. I just want order. Edit: I wish Gruso was here. Edit2: I would preferably want mods in several time zones. I have noticed how when ED goes to bed the night people come out and play...
  5. XxionxX

    Hmmmm.... Antivirus? Antimalware?

    Don't let the security of linux lull you into a false sense of security though. You can still have your email broken into, and a weak password will provide no defence against brute force attacks. A lock isn't a lock if everyone knows the combination.
  6. XxionxX

    Fish fans?

    Not that you care and totally off topic, but did you know that if you reinforce concrete with bamboo strips it is comparable to steel rebar? You can also make beer and diesel fuel from the blossoms and seeds. If we grew enough bamboo, you could totally stop cutting down trees. Bamboo has an...
  7. XxionxX

    Fish fans?

    No I like to build things out of bamboo. for example (girl unrelated to topic or myself) Although... the shoots are pretty tasty...
  8. XxionxX

    Windows on the Pandora?

    No. The Pandora has an ARM chip, your desktop or laptop has an X86 chip. ARM is a simlar kind of chip to the one that is in your cellphone. The newest windows OS that you will be able to run on it will be something like windows CE (also not happening any time soon). Chip architectures can...
  9. XxionxX

    Waiting on my Pandora...

    +10k Let us know when you start having dreams about it.
  10. XxionxX

    show us your desk / workspace!

    Close! Ubuntu 9.04 I would have updated to a newer version, but I have really crappy internet. My mother just bought a new computer and I put Ubuntu 10.04 on hers.
  11. XxionxX

    Viability of Backtrack and other Linux Distributions?

    There is an entire distro devoted to penetration testing :o ? I feel like I've been living under a rock. Would this be good for helping me secure my home network? I have about 6 computers I have to maintain besides the one I use (my mothers home office and a tenant in an outbuilding). I am...
  12. XxionxX

    show us your desk / workspace!

    Sweet huh. Notice the hole in the wall above the computer. 512 memory and an Intel Celeron D 2.66Ghz. But that screen is my pride and joy though. I can't wait to get a bigger one. I want to be able to have dual screens like Sigurd but it will have to wait for now.
  13. XxionxX

    Fish fans?

    :lol: I didn't know that you lived in a fish tank Sony! This explains a lot!
  14. XxionxX

    A review of the Pandora's sound and music capability.

    If this is any indicator, a lot! Great review! I can't wait to listen to stuff on my Pandora now!
  15. XxionxX

    Fish fans?

  16. XxionxX

    Petition to Stop the "Kill the Gays" Law in Uganda

    *sidesteps flamewar* +1 I agree WizardStan. I like helping people out as much as the next person, but this won't do anything. Online petitions aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Slacktivism FTW!
  17. XxionxX

    Fish fans?

    Both very nice! I especially like the bamboo in the first (I like bamboo, I don't know why). I didn't know that you could put bamboo in a tank like that. Is that salt water? I guess not because the bamboo wouldn't like it. I like it when people put plant life in their aquariums, it seems to add...
  18. XxionxX

    Waiting on my Pandora...

    Two years of awesome man. Actually I have had a lot of fun waiting around on these forums. I made a lot of new friends, and everyone seems to have similar goals in mind. If I could find a political website that was as full of like minded people, we would have had someone in office by now.
  19. XxionxX

    I don't have narrow fee

    WTF spambot. Go away. Edit: Not you Sony, the strange shoe bot.
  20. XxionxX

    What is batch 2?

    OMG! *ginormous text punches my eyeballs in the testicles* Ahhhh! What is going on here! SONY! Why was that necessary!? I know you want the Pandora to do well, but lol :lol: ! Every time I see a question that MIGHT have the answer 'buy a premium order' you are like 'I AM SO THERE!' :lol...