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  1. SomeGuy99

    F-100 And The D-Pad Mod?

    Okay, so I really like my newly aquired F-100 Mk1. Yeah, you probably recoiled in horror just then. After some time getting aqauinted, I'm overall not that keen on the stick. Well not so much the stick, but the accuracy in detected directions. So it has to go. I've read all the threads on...
  2. SomeGuy99

    Meteorite Shower Tonight

    Anyone else planning to see it? I don't know how the rest of the world fares, but apparently it will be visible in the UK. I'm hoping it doesn't rain as the forecast says. If you get any nice photos, I'd love to see them.
  3. SomeGuy99

    Michael Weston

    MWeston needs hugs. Send him a nice PM. :)
  4. SomeGuy99

    What Are You Eating?

    My go first: Beef, Mozzarella Cheese and relish with rice. Garnished with chilli powder and parsley. Think of it as a cheeseburger curry. Edit: It was good. :)
  5. SomeGuy99

    Brainwashing Was A Fun Idea

    Don't watch if you have epilepsy. Highly enjoyable early nineties rave video, and orgasm of Amiga special effects. It's a shame this kind of thing doesn't work. I'd really love to alter the state of my brain just by watching...
  6. SomeGuy99

    An Old Flame

    I have modified this post slightly. Guess when it was originally made?
  7. SomeGuy99

    Henry Potts And The Thoughtful Mans Pebble

    Writing a new book, let me know what you think. I can post more if you like it. Please don't copy this and post it anywhere else okay? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter One Some alive kid There was once a street called Tricky Lane. It...
  8. SomeGuy99

    Why is it not allowed to post copyrighted stuff?

    Mali has split this from another topic, in which somebody wanted to post magazine scans of a Pandora article from a German magazine. Our highly respectable moderator edited out the links. I guess the question Mali wants to raise here, is should this be allowed? I originally posted this...
  9. SomeGuy99

    The I Am Drunk Thread,,,

    Say hello if you are drunk and shouldn't be posting on forums. Hello! That is my contribution. Typing this was hard. Okay. Please respect that I am drunk. Posting while drunk is hard. Hello gp32x!
  10. SomeGuy99

    Will Production Ever Step Up A Gear?

    This question is somewhat the elephant in the room, and posed specifically at the Pandora team. Do you have plans to increase production capacity? The demand is there, and assuming you can profit on later batches I don't see the incentive not to expand the company. What kind of targets do you...
  11. SomeGuy99

    Do We Live In The Future Yet?

    Today I had fun reading the Back to the Future wiki. So yeah... while looking at the page for multichannel telly, I couldn't help but notice the targeted adverts for Virgin Media (a broadband TV service here in the uk). Hmmm, creepy! I'm looking at the page right now, and the adverts are for...
  12. SomeGuy99

    Are We Stuck At 16Bit Graphics?

    I noticed ever since I first used the Pandora that the display seems to be less than 32bit (colour banding etc.). I always assumed this was a software thing, like maybe an XFCE setting that would be fixed later. What confused me was that the Gamma settings have options for 32bit, but it doesn't...
  13. SomeGuy99

    Usb Ethernet. How?

    I've been meaning to ask this for ages, but: Which USB port should I be using on the Pandora? What type of cable to I need? What do I need to install/configure on both Linux and XP to get this working? What changes do I need to make to the Pandora to get this working? Thanks. :)
  14. SomeGuy99

    Ribbon Cable Issues

    I originally had flickering on my screen and thought it was a software issue, well... I noticed discolouration and horizontal lines, and after looking closely I notice it only happens when the hinge is at certain angles (namely in the locked position). With the screen forward, laptop style, the...
  15. SomeGuy99

    Worlds First Pandora Recording

    My friend here is kind of a dick since he got his office job. I'm recording the evidence on my Pandora. NSFW due to swearing.
  16. SomeGuy99

    I'm Thinking Of Cancelling

    I'm thinking of cancelling... my TV licence, as I haven't watched any in about two months. Just my opinion, but: Television seems to have gone downhill for the last five years, and I only found myself looking forward to three or four programs in a whole year. Surely that's a waste of money...
  17. SomeGuy99

    Guide: Screenshots

    You may not know this, but your Pandora comes with a nice little shell command to make screenshots. The two problems that have to be overcome when using it are: 1) You have to specify a filename When running the command, you specify a filename and path for the screenshot to be saved (in the...
  18. SomeGuy99

    Op: You Did Well!

    Okay I took a look at the Wifi thread, and it seems there are still segments of this forum full of angst and emotion and stress. A lot of the threads on this board aimed at non-owners; I just haven't been reading them. I'm out of the loop. But as a happy (and oblivious) Pandora owner: The...
  19. SomeGuy99

    Guide: Making Xfce Sexy

    Download the packge at the bottom of this link Download the file on this page called: Shiki-Colors (MurrineSVN) ----image below---- ------------------- Guide: Changing the desktop icon text colour to white. More!
  20. SomeGuy99

    Backlight Flicker

    I noticed that my backlight now flickers when I play music from the SD card. When I stop playing the music, the blinking stops. I recently install the SD card fix, if that makes any difference? Edit: opening and closing the lid seemed to make it go away. Let's see!