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  1. Asiyura

    RockthEink - E-Reader SDK on indiegogo (here with a 9.7" 1200*825 e-ink screen) I don't know if it's here that I've seen that, but I ended on that page somehow and now I'm considering getting one of these "SDK". It's got a Rockchip RK2918 Cortex A8 CPU, 512Mo RAM, 4Go Nand, HDMI, …...
  2. Asiyura


    I just read the newsletter from the Retrode creator where he says that he will do a second batch. But he seems to be looking for business partners, so I thought that ED and Craigix should contact him. It would be great to be able to buy Pandora and Retrode from your online shops. You may...
  3. Asiyura

    Minor problems with the forum.

    Hi, Got a few little glitches with the forum when I visit it with Safari. First, the right part on the forum main page containing " Recent Topic Added ", etc. No matter the size of the window, I keep getting the horizontal slider when this part is open. It's not a huge problem, but...
  4. Asiyura

    Duke Nukem Forever

    The studio Gearbox are officially trying to make Duke Nukem Forever… and release it in 2011 The platforms should be PC, PS3, 360. More informations here. I still don't really believe they'll be able to release it
  5. Asiyura

    Best Mega Drive / Genesis games

    I just bought a Mega Drive / Genesis (my first Sega Console, I was a Nintendo boy back in the 80's ) so I would like to know which games are the best on this platform. That way I'll know the name of the gems that I'll have to find on flea market and auction websites.
  6. Asiyura

    Appstore Populating

    Look like the shipped Pandora owners are going to play a bit :D … Reviews please?