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    Beta Simcoupe - A Sam Coupe Emulator *beta*

    Thanks a lot ! I was waiting eagerly for this one ! :)
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    Have you seen this ? Pretty amazing... Dreamcast on Android
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    No Sound From Vice 64

    Hi ED, this is strange, because the sound comes off when 'True Drive emulation' is disabled. I was thinking that disabling 'True Drive Emulation' will use less CPU power to load games, giving a lower grade of compatibility. I'll try overclocking or increasing the buffer as you suggest. Thanks.
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    No Sound From Vice 64

    Hi everybody, one of the first things I've tested with my newly arrived Pandora is Vice C64, in order to relive those golden days of 8-bit gaming. Everything works well, with the exception of the fact that when I disable 'True Dive Emulation' in the menu, all games run with no sound at all...
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    Got My Email!

    Got my e-mail 20 mins. ago :) I was 300-400 in the queue and received my order confirmation on 30/09/2008 at 16:32 PM. I must say that the e-mail arrived exactly when I expected it to show up. Thanks to everybody at OPL !!
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    When Does Building/shipping Resume?

    Same here: 300-400 and no e-mail :( I suppose I'll be one of the first to receive it as soon as the new units are produced (cases are already there, it's just a matter of getting the new boards) :)
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    Re-order Confirmation

    Just received my confirmation :) Many thanks to Jacquelyn B)
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    Re-order Confirmation

    Same here: two days ago.
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    The Age.. ?

    43 here.
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    How To Order

    Order placed on !!! Some questions for Craig: - as other pointed out I could only give my card address: is this OK ? - will we receive a confirmation e-mail ? - will it be possible to add a case and a TV cable to the same order, thus saving some € on shipping ? Thanks a lot in advance.
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    Some people are never satisfied... :rolleyes: Thanks GPH (and ED): I'll buy a Wiz for sure (and a Pandora too...)
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    Why Isn't Mweston A Guru Yet?

    He's actually a GOD !
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    Gp2x-msx: Msx Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.5 (final)

    Thanks ZX ! Great stuff as always.
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    More Of The New Gp2x!

    Does the F-200 still need the cradle or the special cable to be hooked up to a TV set ?
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Perfectly OK for me ! Go for it !
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    Gp2xpectrum 1.4

    Metalbrain for GURU !! What are you waiting for ??