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    Freedo Panasonic 3Do Emulator

    From the freedo team at This would make my pandora a complete retro handheld gaming system. Hope somebody that has love & freetime on their hands to port this to the pandora. ((Omg I posted this under the caanoo forums, my apologies))
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    Web-Browsing Question.

    I want to order a pandora, but I want to know if it can run flash 10 and html 5.
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    Safety Tips When Buying From An Online Forum Ad?

    LOL this is so you squidge: Thanks for the reply everybody
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    Safety Tips When Buying From An Online Forum Ad?

    Can someone give me some safety tips when buying from a forum ad? ive been to many forums that has a classified section selling a product but im relentless to do so since Ive never done it.
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    Screw Black I Want Silver

    so whos wiener I gotta suky suky to get that
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    Nintendo 64

    What are the chances of a nintendo 64 emu being full speed on the wiz ?
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    Reordering Decision

    What happened to the good old days , when all you needed was a cut-out coupon from a comic book & a money order ... :(
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    Extra Features That People Wish The Most

    My suggestion is more 5 yrs down the line when the pandora2 is in the works: Toss out the KB and replace it with a touchscreen LCD. Then the keyboard laguage could be set by software rather then hardware.
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    Are You Going To "show Off" Your Pandora?

    :rolleyes: I will do what I did with the GP2X , walk into the subway with a suit & a combination suitcase handcuffed to my wrist . Whip it out , play & the first person to ask me whats that I just tell them I work for SEGA and im checking the unit to make sure their new handheld is working...
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    Dec Update

    Craig I hope I can still order a unit by January 22nd when I get my nice fat vacation pay check !!! B)
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    Why So Little Interest In The Wiz?

    im getting both so dosent really matter to me .
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    What Gadgets You Own Are Going To Be Replaced By Pandora?

    -PSP -Almost 90% of my samsung instinct cellphone functions
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    One thing missing from the Pandora...

    commercial games
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    I got my pandora in the mail .

    Heres my un-boxing video of the pandora , later on I will make another about the GUI & so forth.. rickroll
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    Different [better] picture of the official carry case?

    I can see it now , a great handheld covered in what appears to be something from a martha stewart do it yourself kits.
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    Is craig shy?

    Ive been wondering but I always see Evil Dragon at events promoting the gp2x, the wiz, the pandora, appearing in gigas & taking photos promoting in other areas . Craig on the other hand , is he camera shy ? does he hate the media ?
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    Mock Of Menu System

    Can someone make a shell like windows with the start button in the bottom left hand corner and icons on the desktop ?
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    Using Mobile internet

    Ok so now we know that vodafone , huwei , e220 whatever should work since its already compiled and supported into the kernel , my next question is ( if it were to work ) how do I get service onto the pandora . Ive never gotten wireless service in my life & I dont know much about edge , wimax...
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    Using Mobile internet

    ok so I found the drivers for linux and their open source with installation guides and support from vodaphone via this link what do I do now?
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    Using Mobile internet

    now this will be done through unbutu ?