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  1. mindlord

    Multi Emulation Super System (MESS) in a browser?

    Why yes, you can do that these days.   While quite a few systems won't even boot, some work really well. I played a few CoCo games, and the Apple //c playes Oregon Trail pretty well.
  2. mindlord

    fastboot works on the Pandora

    So, I didn't think it was possible, but someone compiled an ARMv7 compatible fastboot binary. I just used my Pandora to flash a Recovery ROM to my ASUS TF300T in the absence of a desktop or laptop. I just gained a level in geek. Binary located here...
  3. mindlord

    Troubles with charging.

    This one has got me stumped, because it doesn't seem to make sense to me at all why it's happening. I have a Classic Pandora that doesn't seem to want to charge the battery properly. I have two batteries the original charger that come with the Pandora, a PSP100 charger from a PSP 1000, and...
  4. mindlord

    The GamePlay Framework

    I was considering starting up a 3D game project and come across GamePlay3D. It's a Apache licesened 3D framework that targets both GNU/Linux and OpenGL/ES2. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it on the Pandora before I set about trying to compile it?  Looks pretty promising, and...
  5. mindlord

    Thanks Link

    Got my Pandora back from repairs Monday. I've been falling in love with it all over again. I just wanted to say thanks to Link for the swift repair. Once I dropped it in the mail I was only without my Pandora for 6 days.  Link made sure that everything that was done was cleared by me, and I...
  6. mindlord

    OT: Appeal for insight. Need help.

    Well. I have a really annoying problem. Either my Power Supply, Video Card, or Motherboard was damaged back when Sandy dumped snow on us and the power grid went wonky. It's been quite flaky after reboots ever since. My computer finally decided that whatever the problem is, it is unstable with...
  7. mindlord

    GPFCE r2: Game Genie buggy

    I've installed the gg.rom per the FCE requirements, and I get the Game Genie screen when loading games. It allows me to enter codes (or not) and start the game. The codes do not work as expected. I've tried two differnt gg.rom files and two different copies of the listed example roms. For...
  8. mindlord

    Adventures in Enlightenment

    So, I thought to myself, "Now that we have a more current kernel. Thanks to SuperZaxxon beta. Why not give E17 a drive again?" Fired up my Pandora and started installing packages. Sudo opkg update e-wm Hmm... Same old udev file issues. sudo opkg update e-wm --force overwrite Ah...
  9. mindlord

    Release PanMESS Beta

    PanMess - Multi Emulation Super System for the OpenPandora Based on the AdvanceMess platform with code borrowed from mcobit, ChangeLog: Beta 2 * Makes use of Notaz's fabulous accelerated SDL library * Full Screen menu, just like PanMame * Displays all systems AdvanceMess supports...
  10. mindlord

    Ångström Repo mirrored

    There have been certain android downloads that have been hammering the same servers as the Ångström repo since... well... forever. I did some digging and discovered there is a mirror. If you edit the *-feed.conf files located in /etc/opkg/ replacing the "http://www.angstrom-distribution" part...
  11. mindlord

    libnoise, NEON, and speed

    I've been working on a project that uses libnoise to generate coherent noise textures for terrain and objects. So far things are looking pretty good. The library compiled fine without any code changes, and works ok considering the amount of floating point math involved. I'm looking to speed it...
  12. mindlord

    A Technology Puzzle

    Here's a Puzzle. I have a Rooted Android Phone (Cyanogen 7.1) which I USB Tether to my Pandora to get connectivity. In today's mad science experiment I find myself wanting to SSH into my Pandora from a machine on another network. Does anyone know of a way to forward SSH traffic from the...
  13. mindlord

    Android Smartphone + Pandora + Usb Tethering =

    YES! I love my Pandora even more! That is all.
  14. mindlord

    Vintage Commodore 64

    A good friend of mine is selling a Commodore 64 on ebay. Here's the skinny: As the story goes this machine was bought as a learning tool for his cousin way back when. It was used maybe two or three times and then stored in a closet. Aside from discolorations on some of the plastics, it is in...
  15. mindlord

    What Is This ... Uhm... Shit?

    Well, it happened again. I suspect there is a real design flaw in the Pandora now. I swear I treat it well, and am careful about the hinge, and I don't put any undue pressure on the screen. 11 Months and three units with the purple haze of death. 30+ Dollars in extra shipping costs. And I'm...
  16. mindlord

    Vintage, Pristine, Fully Functional C64?

    A good friend of mine has managed to find a closeted away Commodore 64 (USA). It is in pristine condition, looks like it may have been used maybe 10 times. It still has all the original books and it might even still have the original box as well. Basically, what I want to know is how much is...
  17. mindlord

    Rndis Drivers For The Pandora?

    So, uh... I asked over on the other forums a long time ago, but nada. Is there RNDIS drivers for the Pandora, if so where are they, if there aren't how do we make them? I'd like to be able to do something, but I can't without help.
  18. mindlord

    Unable To Install Gcc And Friends Since Hf5

    I've reproduced this problem three times on two different SD cards now. I'm fairly certain this is a show stopper for me, can someone else confirm. If you use the HF5 image and extract it to an SD card. It goes off without a hitch. I even am able to safely install Firefox and libsqlite3-0...
  19. mindlord

    Beta Zim - The Desktop Wiki

    No changes were made to the source this is a simple package job of version 0.49 Zim Homepage Download
  20. mindlord

    Release Zim - The Desktop Wiki

    No changes were made to the source this is a simple package job of version 0.49 Zim Homepage Download