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  1. PoisonedV

    RC helicopters

    Ok, this is going off a a bit (well, more) on a tangent but is there any way to get those micro rc helicopters to last longer? I have several but they all have such short lifespans
  2. PoisonedV

    What Is The Best Rss Reader?

    I have nearly 300 RSS feeds that I am subscribed to, and for whatever reason they make firefox whimper like a bitch, and stutter every few minutes. Anyone use any good standalone RSS applications that they can recommend? multi-platform or windows based, please
  3. PoisonedV

    Will This Kill The Pandoora

  4. PoisonedV

    Video Game Id Contest

    Ashens is hosting one via twitter. hXXp:// the only one I knew so far is bottom right, although that could be just a clone
  5. PoisonedV

    Windows Servers

    Where would one go about finding a windows server that would be suitable for hosting servers of various source-based games? Preferably one with low overheads, if not low fees overall...
  6. PoisonedV

    Windows'' Confusing As Hell Printer And File Sharing

    So I'm going to a LAN party next week, and I never really took this into account but I hear alot of filesharing and stuff goes on, and I'm kind of worried. Windows printer and file sharing makes no sense at all to me, and I saw that my printers were shared on my network without me even doing...
  7. PoisonedV

    Irc Shells

    Someone gave me an IRC SSH shell. how do I use it? I looked all over the world wide internet but didn't find anything
  8. PoisonedV

    Bob''s Game

    This is copy and pasted from the forums, crossposting being just another hassle of having both forums. anyway: QUOTE Just wanted to inform everyone, and remind those who already knew, that Bob's Game is planning a Pandora port. This was first posted in the closed source ports thread over...
  9. PoisonedV

    Let's insult each other.

  10. PoisonedV

    Release Bob's Game

    Just wanted to inform everyone, and remind those who already knew, that Bob's Game is planning a Pandora port. This was first posted in the closed source ports thread over at gp32x, and I just sent another email asking about it. "Yes! I've been talking to one of the Pandora team members about...
  11. PoisonedV

    Wiz Video From Ifa- Is This Ed?

    Found this on youtube, is that evildragon in the wiz shirt? ifa 08
  12. PoisonedV

    I Need Help From Those In The Uk

    Anyone on these forums living in the UK? (well, anyone reading this?) I need a favor, the last place to get Series 1 Cuboyds is here but they only ship to UK. If I pay the shipping cost to the US, and a small amount for your inconvenience, do any of you think you could ship it to me over in the US?
  13. PoisonedV

    Advertisement/classical Music- Help

    This is a weird thing, but this is offtopic, so- Does anyone remember what commercial or advertisement this song was used on? I believe it was at the very beginning, showing grass or a nice landscape, and then flaming text or something with a typical Commercial voice was, saying something with "...
  14. PoisonedV

    Gp2x Porting

    The GP2X are both ARM-based, and both run Linux. I bet they will probably require minimal effort to port- so my question is, devs, are any of you going to port your software, or anyone elses? Is there any software that anyone thinks should be ported? (I thought this was split down the middle...
  15. PoisonedV


    I try not to be a forum-ettiquite ignorant noob, and I used the magic search fucntion, but is there any word from the developers on the durability? I mean, it looks very durable, but that's just me automatically assosciated that with the square design. If I remember, there was quite a bit of...
  16. PoisonedV

    Whats The Consensus?

    I know a few developers got the device, right? I heard they were giving some to devs, and that it would be released this month. Have any of them posted their opinions on the device? Or are they supposed to keep quiet till later?
  17. PoisonedV

    What Will The Keys Be Like?

    Will the keys be harder or softer to press? Will it have good tactile? Easy to use without pressing more than one? How fast is it to type with?
  18. PoisonedV

    Me And Apples, And Carrots

    Ok, whenever I eat an apple or carrot, my throat gets sore and feels really weird. Anyone have any idea why this happens?
  19. PoisonedV

    Play-asia Or

    Well I screwed up my gp so I have to buy a new one, and the question is where? It's going to be play-Asia or The main qualm I have over deciding is overclocking power. Gp2x uk store says it only goes up to 240, while playasia doesn't even state what it goes up to. Generally, is...