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    PUAE - Harddisk Emulation

    Ich würde gerne das Verzeichnis (ORdner mit Unterordner, kein image) mit der Harddisk, welches ich bei UAE verwende, auch bei PUAE auf der Pandora einbinden. Leider ist beim GUI im Harddisk Menu der untere Bereich abgeschnitten. Ich gehe davon aus, dass man das Verzeichnis auch durch eine...
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    New Hardware For C64: 1541 Ultimate

    I just pre-ordered the plus version. All Commodore 64 enthusiasts should support Gideon's promising project as well. See more Information here: Lemon64 Retrohackers
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    Htc Touch

    I am getting the htc touch (the firm is paying). what do you think?
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    Post Your Arcade Cabinet Collection

    There are threads on console collections and threads on handheld collections, but what is missing is the arcade machines thread. As I do not own any arcade cabinet (interested in buying a pole position II though) I am not really able to properly open up this thread, nevertheless I do it, and I...
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    Ghouls, Ghosts And Goblins

    At the moment I am really busy with Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (SNES) on my GP2X, and I am really interested what you guys think about which game and and on which system is the best one of the whole Ghosts'n Goblins Series. At the moment I am thinking about buying a PSP just for the sake of Ultimate...
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    Gba Emulator, Help Please

    is somebody able to run games with this gba emulator called visualboyadvance? I do not understand the read me file: "This is a straight port of VisualBoyAdvance SDL. Copy VisualBoyAdvance.gpe, VisualBoyAdvance.cfg, and vba_launch.gpe anywhere on your sd card. Edit vba_launch.gpe and change...
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    Hands Off Slow Sd Cards

    I just want to warn you as some applications do not work properly with slow sd cards. I bought the ordinary 1 gig card from Sandisk The following problems occured with this product: - dvd divx rips of 600 MB do not work in the movie player - neogeo cd emulator: it is not possible to load...