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  1. Near_Kstor

    TV-Out Cable ?

    Hello and good morning / good afternoon / good evening I'm VERY interested in acquiring the Pandora (1GHz) in the coming month... however, I am based in Brazil - therefore the only store that can ship to me is DragonBox. So my question is: what type of cable do I need to connect my Pandora to...
  2. Near_Kstor

    Support for International Customers?

    Hey guys =] My first post here at the new forums - quite some time since the last time I have stopped by =P I have a special question to those involved with the OpenPandora group... Are there any plans to include new payment methods for international customers? I have tried buying a...
  3. Near_Kstor

    Are We There Yet?

    Hey guys! I was wandering if there is any news on the 2 Batch queue. I'd like to get my place in line soon, perhaps make it into the first 100-200 in line to Batch 2. Any news on when we're going to have 2nd Batch pre-orders opened? Also, perhaps a few instructions on how to proceed? Thanks in...
  4. Near_Kstor

    Os Snippet Request

    I'm quite in a hurry, so I'm gonna be fast. Could we see on the next video some action regarding the switching between XFCE and PMenu? Also, perhaps showing off boot from SD Card (and actually choosing from which SD to boot?) That's all I'd like to see =] Thanks =D
  5. Near_Kstor


    I couldn't find it anywhere, so perhaps someone could clarify this one for me... Does our ARM Cortex A8 support any form of virtualization? I usually use Windows (blame me), but all the coding is done in Ubuntu, which I run through VMWare. The thing is: Ubuntu is not emulated, that would...
  6. Near_Kstor


    Hi all... So, here is the deal... I live in Brazil, and Google Checkout is not available here... So I went to the bank for some information, and it would cost US$120 to transfer US$400 for an UK Bank Account... So I was wandering if we can pay through PayPal >< Since THIS service is available...
  7. Near_Kstor

    Pandora Pandora Netbeans

    Hey all... My question is pretty simply... The answer is obvious but I don't want to believe it yet... You guys think it is possible to run an IDE (NetBeans is preferable) on the Pandora? NetBeans for me is the best tool available to Java Developments... In my university, Java is the most used...
  8. Near_Kstor

    Pandora Pandora Rpg Maker

    I guess everyone here already made something using this famous app. Back when I was in school, I loved being able to make my own RPGs using the RPG Maker for windows. I take it is feasible to create such app to Pandora? It would be very nice to have compatibility with the formats supported by...
  9. Near_Kstor

    About Android On Pandora

    Hello, guys... I have searched for a while now in this forum, but to no avail.... I really want to know if is it possible to make Pandora compatible with the Android APPs I found the pAndroid thread, about bringing the entire Android OS to Pandora, but that's just not it... Adding support to...