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  1. slaanesh

    Pandora toolchain for Linux 2019

    I didn't think it would be so difficult, but is there a modern Pandora toolchain available to run on a Linux PC so that I can do some dev? I found the Mac OS X toolchain but I want to move away from this. I know of the "on...
  2. slaanesh

    Wanted: Old GP2X handhelds or parts

    Anyone have any dead GP2X units? Anything considered. Looking for parts such as cases, bricked units, anything! I'm experimenting with modding so need some bits and pieces. Drop me a PM.
  3. slaanesh

    GP2X black screen only + JTAG advice

    I bought a second hand GP2X which was in pretty average condition. It booted into Fireware 3.0 but it didn't actually do anything. ie. get into the gp2xmenu. The SD card was difficult to insert, so I disassembled it and found a piece of rubber in the SD card holder. During this the SD card hold...
  4. slaanesh

    Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

    MAME4ALL v1.1 for Dingoo Native has been released.   Check out for details and downloads.
  5. slaanesh

    Wanted To Buy: Caanoo

    Anyone have a new or near-new Caanoo they want to sell? I am in Melbourne, Australia. Send me a PM.
  6. slaanesh

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    After a few years of non-activity I am in the mood to develop something again. I never published my vAtari 2600 emulator outside of the Pandora Angst Competition so I'll do that first. What sort of emulator would people be interested in for their GP32 - assuming people still use it? Some...
  7. slaanesh

    Brand new 1st Batch Pandora for sale

    On eBay, see here for details.
  8. slaanesh

    Pandora Bluetooth Networking

    Has anyone managed to use Bluetooth to do internet network connections? I can set up the Mac OS X side (and I have a dedicated BT router, a Bluetake BT-300) but I don't know exactly what to setup on the Pandora. I mean I could probably look into it, but if anyone else has done this, a guide of...
  9. slaanesh

    Aussie Pandoras

    Leave a message if you are living in Australia and have received your Pandora. Mine arrived on Monday, though I wasn't home for the delivery and had to wait 24 hours until the next delivery time! Eep! I officially got mine at 10.15am 1/6/2010 :)
  10. slaanesh

    Dingoo Dosbox Mips32 Dyna Rec For A320

    Please see the following topic Please tespond if you can provide any assistance or suggestions. Thanks!
  11. slaanesh

    Another Openjazz Gp32

    Here's another port of OpenJazz for the GP32 - this time it's based on the latest source code from Alister. Pretty much everything is working and the game is great fun to play. Works really well on the GP32 with full music and sound. I highly recommend the full version if you've got it. The...
  12. slaanesh

    Dosbox For Dingoo A320

    I've got an initial working version of DOSBox for the Dingoo A320. Once I saw the splash screen come on the A320 I was quite happy. Then I realized there's still a little bit of work to do. I've enabled the MIPS dynarec, I hope it works as we should be able to get some pretty decent speed out of...
  13. slaanesh

    GP32 Using C++ With Gp32 - Constructors? Crt0.o?

    I seem to be having some problems with constructors in C++. It looks like they are not firing at all. I'm using the EABI SDL++ libraries with devkitARM release 26 toolchain. Linking with -nostartfiles -specs=gp32.specs crt0.o The gp32.specs is from devkitARM. Sample Code: const string...
  14. slaanesh

    Giana's Return Gp32

    Giana's Return is now available for the GP32 thanks to the hard work of the Giana Team. Port by Slaanesh. See for details and download.
  15. slaanesh

    Opentyrian Gp32 V1.0

    Another new release for the GP32 this time OpenTyrian for the GP32. What's OpenTyrian? It's a port of the classic DOS shooter Tyrian. If you like vertically scrolling shooters, than this is for you! Why support the GP32? Why not? It's fun to develop for the GP32 and it's still a great machine...
  16. slaanesh

    Mame4All Gp32 V1.1

    Well I didn't think it would get much faster, but I've managed to get some more speed out of MAME4ALL for the GP32. Other changes include: * Improvements to frontend. * New graphics (by Antiriad). * Faster code. * New DrZ80 modes. * Lots of bug fixes. * New games working. Homepage with all...
  17. slaanesh

    How To Add File For Gp32 At ""

    I can't get an "Add File" link for the GP32 section of I can get "Update File" and I can get "Add File" for every other console except for the GP32. The URLs for adding a new file for the Dingoo, GP2X, Wiz and Pandora are...
  18. slaanesh

    Rogue For Gp2X - Text Only Using Telnet

    I've uploaded a quick port of rogue for the GP2X. The hardest bit was compiling my own libncurses.a - and that wasn't really hard either. This only works with a terminal emulator or telnet. I use it when I am developing on my GP2X or take it to work. I hook it up and telnet in and have a few...
  19. slaanesh

    Wanted: Gp32 Blu+ Motherboard

    I'm after a working condition BLU+ motherboard. I don't need anything else as my BLU+ is perfect except for the SMC - which it can't read. So I am thinking I can get a working BLU+ to fix some MAME4ALL BLU+ compat. issues. Anyone have one they want to sell? I can pay with Paypal. My postal...
  20. slaanesh

    GP32 Gp32 "translation Exception"

    I'm porting across a C++ application (Stella) to the GP32. All was going well except I'm getting a "translation" exception (according to the BIOS monitor). It seems to be happening inside the C++ std lib, specifically near libstdc++.a(string-inst.o). Here's the code, the highlighted code is...