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    It is happening: 10 nanometer Chip technology is here

    There's even the Samsung Chromebook featuring dual-A15 Exynos 5250, which I picked up when it came out in October 2012.
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    "Smach Z is Back!" ...?

    I can't, but let me take a wild guess: their super competent new partners were totally ready to roll out a new product from nothing in like 4 months, but they conveniently decided to wait for the Next Better Thing instead. The Raven Ridge Zen/Vega SoCs haven't even been officially announced by...
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    Tips for saving up money?

    Most or maybe even all of what you watch you can get online (legally) through subscription services or even free ad-based streams. Should save you at least $50 so long as your ISP doesn't have too serious bandwidth caps, and if you can pay more to remove them it may still be worth it. You may...
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    The evolution of AAA gaming

    These days I almost exclusively play indie games and I feel like they've a lot of them have done a good job picking up where the console generations from the 90s left off. But I was never a PC gamer back in the day so I can't really complain about the move to controller-oriented interfaces...
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    GINGE for F300's

    From what I understand GP2X/F300 Vocamaster is a GP2X F200 on the outside (mostly) but a Wiz on the inside.
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    PGS Windows 10 gaming handheld - GPD WIN competitor

    If you count a few minutes after months of ignoring it then yes. What is this insider's mem you're talking about?
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    PGS Windows 10 gaming handheld - GPD WIN competitor

    Sorry I'm late on this, I just today looked at last couple updates PGS made on their blog, that were posted in this thread a few weeks ago. This one part really stood out to me: I just love this, it shows again how incredibly clueless they are. I mean, just thinking about it.. - There have...
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    "Smach Z is Back!" ...?

    Burning out boards during testing is concerning. Even if they had insufficient cooling, like if the fan was removed, the SoC should still throttle down or if necessary turn off entirely to prevent damage. And this didn't just happen once but multiple times. I'm still very skeptical that passive...
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    Patent Trolling

    Bethesda sounds like they're full of shit when they say that they were forced to make this indie studio change their game's name or lose any trademark protection of "Prey." But I'm not a lawyer and a lot of actual court wins sound full of shit. Still, from what I can find there are two...
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    69 year old violently dragged from overbooked United flight

    The airlines have good overbooking algorithms, to the point where fewer than 1 out of 1000 passengers have to leave the plane. It's only around 1 out of 10000 that have to leave the plane involuntarily, so the compensation offered is usually sufficient to get some takers. But that number should...
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    69 year old violently dragged from overbooked United flight

    There's a very good chance United will change their policies as a result of this. And if they don't, people will know to avoid them. The media and internet in general does cause a lot of overreaction and is very sensational, which can lead to unintended consequences when some story is...
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    69 year old violently dragged from overbooked United flight

    As far as I can find it doesn't matter if they're overbooked or not, the airliner is allowed to deny transportation so long as they provide compensation to a value which is legally mandated: They couldn't offer another flight until the next day so...
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    69 year old violently dragged from overbooked United flight

    The airline screwed up big time by not offering more money for volunteers to willingly leave. I can't believe they stopped at just $800. Whatever they would have needed to spend is nothing compared to the PR cost of their actions.
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    Linux on ARM Automotive Infotainment SoCs?

    This does seem like it could have better perf and perf/W than OMAP5. If they have a good circuit implementation (unlike say, Qualcomm's A57s) and at least bothered a little with power saving modes. Just so you know, thatdual-R7 isn't in there to get more performance out of the system. The...
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    ARM and GPU extensibility

    There's a decent number, not so much in the mobile SoC space but in stuff targeting automotive it's more common. A few off the top of my head: - nVidia Tegra X1 has PCIe gen2 up to x4 + x1, not sure about X2 but I'd guess it has at least as much - Freescale QorIQ line has PCIe gen3 up to x8 -...
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    Apple ends GPU contract with Imagination (PowerVR)

    It's IMG's fault if they became too dependent on a single customer. That's not a safe business model for a licenser of IP cores. I've heard stories from employees that the company became terribly mismanaged and made all sorts of poor acquisitions because their success with Apple gave them a...
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    No more Unity for Ubuntu

    Good riddance. I hate Unity. But I've been using Mint with MATE ever since Ubuntu switched anyway. Never really bothered with Cinnamon. The old classic desktop paradigm works fine for me.
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    Quick'n dirty OMAP5432 vs TX2 compilation time test

    Phoronix says they got the power readings from somewhere in the sysfs. Sorry, I know that's not really that helpful.
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    Imagination Technologies and future daughterboards

    The only notable exceptions I can find in the smartphone SoCs space are Mediatek Helio X30 and Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA (which is also an x86 Airmont SoC manufactured by Intel)
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    Quick'n dirty OMAP5432 vs TX2 compilation time test

    Thanks, that's pretty informative. Especially the Cortex-A57 vs Denver comparison. The prevailing justification I've heard for the 4+2 A57/Denver arrangement on TX2 is that the Denver cores are useful for low threaded taskes and the A57 cores for high threaded tasks. This makes sense...