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  1. AVahne

    Gamescom 2019

    Pretty sure that's actually an elder god's failed attempt at taking a corporeal form inside a Pyra.
  2. AVahne

    Playdate - that monochrome handheld with a crank

    Very cool device, but also very expensive. If only it were cheaper AND HAD A GODDAMNED BACKLIT SCREEN.
  3. AVahne


    Pretty sure the Win 3 is still going to be a separate thing, so I think title should be changed.
  4. AVahne

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening REMAKE

    Curious, are we calling remakes "remasters" now?
  5. AVahne

    Exagear is dead

    Oh thanks!
  6. AVahne

    Exagear is dead

    Did they kill it early? I wanted to grab a license but everything is already listed as SOLD OUT.
  7. AVahne

    Quick update and summary

    Looks like the older you get, the more "normal" and healthy your sleeping times are getting. Hopefully you live long to become human, Mr. Dragon.
  8. AVahne

    From Greece with love.

    So after building hte prototypes, you'll put the rest of the clear cases up on the store to sell...right? What I'm thinking of doing is getting a wine red (please?) 2 GB Pyra when it's out, then as the years go by and we (hopefully) get upgrade parts I would put the older components into the...
  9. AVahne

    GPD MicroPC

    Oh hoh, judging by how fast they were with the MicroPC, I'll expect to see an announcement by summer? Oh, and so after finally revealing the MicroPC they let you and the others know what the second product will be?
  10. AVahne

    GPD MicroPC

    Would you happen to know if it's another UMPC?
  11. AVahne

    GPD MicroPC

    A smaller touchpad with a trackpoint situated to the left of it like the Vulcan Flipstart? EDIT: I mean to the right, I haven't looked at my Vulcan in a while lol...
  12. AVahne

    GPD MicroPC

    Are you asking about performance? It's way slower (it's also like less than half the price of a Win 2), but still faster than the Win 1.
  13. AVahne

    Wrapping everything up!

    Does the previous company have some kind of grudge against you or something? They're really feeling like they're trying to delay the Pyra as much as possible on purpose.
  14. AVahne

    Mini Vectrex

    I think Mark from ClassicGameRoom would love one of these.
  15. AVahne

    GPD WIN 2

    I think I would probably still go with the copper anyway, since I'm already used to heavy UMPCs. Though, I tend to be indecisive, so I may change my mind later.
  16. AVahne

    GPD WIN 2

    I'm gonna wait for pics of the 3 shells before deciding if I wanna back this. I personally like how the Win 2's back shell feels, so hopefully the replacement for the heatsink feels as nice or better.
  17. AVahne

    Gemini Cosmo - On Indiegogo

    Yeah that's what I see it as, mostly just a work tool or a phone for the mobile professional. At the moment I don't have a job where I would benefit from a touch-typeable keyboard on the go (though that might change next year!), so since it's mostly just for that I'm skipping it. And again, I'm...
  18. AVahne

    Gemini Cosmo - On Indiegogo

    Glad they finally added a second screen, now this can finally be a viable phone. Not for me though, just having a keyboard isn't enough anymore. The price is quite steep and the specs are quite mediocre by today's standards, so it's not something I would want for my daily driver. As for...
  19. AVahne

    It's the speed that counts.

    If it turns out that the shoulder buttons are still iffy, the new company is helping to improve them right?
  20. AVahne

    Odroid Mini-PC with Intel Gemini Lake can emulate Wii

    If you're thinking for future Pyra board, then definitely not. You should pretty much drive out all possibility of an x86 upgrade as they're all too hot (unless undervolted in BIOS and clocked so low that they just would not be worth the time and effort) and the Pyra just isn't built with the...