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    GP2X Are There Any 3d Engines Available For The Gp2x?

    Hey all, Just thought I'd drop in with the Yeti3D port that I did. It's unframecapped, and it flys at 100mhz. It's based on the old GPL'd code though, so it's pretty limited. Someone with a lot of free time could really make something out of it. I have placed the project on hold some time...
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    My Advance Wars Game

    I don't think it's your fault, some of us board members just wanted to say he did a good job...
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    My Advance Wars Game

    MUST PLAY NOW!!!!!! Anyways, yeah, looks like great work. And some VERY nice pixeling there... makes me jealous ;)
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    Nice find! Some of the files aren't source though (I flipped when I thought I found the ADOM sources) - just a warning.
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    Pandora Pandora BIOS - Logo

    Welcome! I still like the line rendering one - with the box. small, fast, efficient... genius ;)
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    Pandora This Could Run On Your Pandora

    **jaw hits the floor** How come nobody has mentioned this yet?! Well, that'll put the skeptics to rest.
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    New Playstation Emulator : Pcs2x

    Hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, but I found the source to psx4all here: Not to say that I discourage you in any way - this is great work! Just thought I'd help you out. Keep it up! ~Lineus
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    Firmware It The Latest Firmware?

    Ah, crap. What was gph thinking/smoking?
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    I Got Bored...

    The best website ever is? It is,!!
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    Give Them A Pat On The Back :)

    **bows down** you all have my eternal gratitude... keep it up! :D
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    The 'select' Button

    LOL cheezburger ??? Profit Very nice. My vote is still with select though - just a neccesity for too many of the emu's I'd be likely to use (I'm a Nintendo fanboy) ;)
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    Quick-boot Mode

    Nice idea. Quick question: can the p&|a detect when the clamshell is closed via hardware?
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    Developer Edition

    **raises hand** Oh, wait... that was a dream.... :'( **skulks away and hides in corner**
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    Has Anybody Completed A Megadrive Emu Yet?

    It's a must have - I see no reason why there shouldn't be at least a rough port by the release of the p&|a - or maybe even before.
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    Shoudn't be a big problem...,0,0,0,8,1226 and,0,0,0,8,1251 are for the gp2x, and work well enough for simple pages. With an F200 and it's lovely touch screen, you should be able to click the buttons. However, using...
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    Update On Pandora Arcade Cabinet

    Chip's link leads to what's known as a keyboard encoder - people making MAME cabs use them all the time, and they come in usb form - no drivers needed as it acts as a keyboard. Pretty cool, if I say so myself. Or you could go the keyboard hacking route, but that's a lil messy. Check here for...
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    Pandora Cube 2 Engine On The Pandora?

    Shouldn't be too rediculously hard - but would probably require some overclock.
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    Raid Across The Sd Cards, Potential For Speedup?

    I'm far from an expert, but I believe that the speed of the SD card itself (class I, II, etc.) would determine if there was any speedup when using a RAID array - but I could be wrong. I like idea 4b, though ;) ~Lineus
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    Game & Watch Simulator 0.1

    Nice work!