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  1. klapse

    CG Art Image Thread

    Top 15.6" Notebook:1920 x 1080 2012 IPS screen, 141 PPI Bottom ZTE Axon 7:1440 x 2560 2016 OLED screen, 538 PPI Just wack seeing fonts resolved like that. Especially with Kanjii and chinese characters. EDIT: You know someone could make a TFT/LCD controller that would run one of those emulator...
  2. klapse

    F(x) Technology Android phone with a slide-out keyboard

    I'd not want a keyboard like the N900 again. The xt894 and xt897keyboards are miles better. And they run Linux without Android. So. You seem to have not read my post.
  3. klapse

    Music Makers - Share Your Music!

    Found this in an old movie and looped it and had to share She's Not Dressed right for Being Lost
  4. klapse

    Preparing for the countdown...

    I think mucking about with OpenMorrowind on Pyra will be my main thing, to begin with. Are there any video game characters that are retro and well-known, but that don't have some bloodthirsty legal team behind their trademark, that I could use for an open-source thingy avatar? Commander Keen...
  5. klapse

    Radio transmission from Pyra

    Eh what? I thought the heads were moving at the same frequency as whatever was in the source signal they were playing. Quite sensible imo.
  6. klapse

    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    Didn't realize Pyra was chunkier than the Pandora. Is the extra height due to the extra board?
  7. klapse

    F(x) Technology Android phone with a slide-out keyboard

    If you can type on a bloody phone with BLANK KEYS you can remap a phone with printing on the keys and use it just as well. And it's an achievement to end my comments on that here. yy Droid 4 with TheKit's SailfishOS port is p.r.e.t.t.y awesome for that.
  8. klapse

    Wireframe magazine

    "Games burned to CD will play in most models of unmodified Dreamcast, usually with no extra software required. While this doesn’t result in a huge market – the customer base for new Dreamcast games is difficult to measure but certainly small – it makes development for original hardware far more...
  9. klapse

    Release Airline Tycoon Deluxe

    All hail the great ptitSeb! What sort of x86 level of power are we getting? 80486?
  10. klapse

    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    I read that they failed to consider the data obtanable from DECT phone use in France. I should probably mention that a DECT phone addict relative died of a Glioblastoma. That didn't help my objectivity in the matter.
  11. klapse

    Could AMD A6-9220C be an SoC candidate?

    My only use for more power than Omap5 would be to cope with terribly programmed websites.
  12. klapse

    CG Art Image Thread

    How are you changing the color? Can it also change 'background' color? Why is my firefox not displaying the colors right unless i hit 'reply'?
  13. klapse

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra?

    How is this response relevant to my claim that Alien Dalvik is obscure? Certainly it has been mentioned by others here before, myself included.
  14. klapse

    Is it possible to run Android emulator on Pyra?

    Alien Dalvik is pretty nice. Strange how ... obscure... it is...
  15. klapse

    Preparing for the countdown...

    Hah! Never noticed! Can't unsee :)
  16. klapse

    Release Benri and the Bandits

    Congrats on your release! Will play. To whom does "Her Majesty" refer?
  17. klapse

    CG Art Image Thread

    a quick fun one today, original octopus by blackflag, sloppily scaled, colorized and converted to 99-color unicode.
  18. klapse

    Looking to buy Pandora

    How can you sell a pandora? If mine dies, I'm making a little shrine of it, with a kind of nativity scene with little figures representing Ed, Craig, MWeston and the rest
  19. klapse

    SystemD Debates

    He doesn't describe a tragedy; he performs one with his speech.
  20. klapse

    Release FastTracker 2 Clone

    My songs are designed for no interpolation. (nearest neighbor in gfx terminology). Does this support that as an option?