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    Weird boot issue

    Now my CC Pandora has developed a problem. The internal OS still boots normally, and SD cards still work fine from within that OS. If I start the Pandora while holding the right shoulder, or if I start it with any card having autoboot.txt in the left slot, it hangs with a blank screen, with...
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    Backlit GBA etc

    From @Gren @matzesu How's it going for you? I never really noticed before, but it seems to be rounded pixels with gaps in between, on a black background. (And it's the same on a GBC, even though...
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    Handhelds for hardware hacking

    I'm wondering about small programmable devices with built-in screen, buttons, battery pack, and accessible GPIO. So far I'm aware of the Odroid Go, Gamebuino META, and Pokitto. (The Pandora sort of counts, but has a fragile connector, and running a real OS is a downside for performance here.)...
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    Image viewer for deleting the bad photos?

    On Fedora I've been using GPicView which came installed by default. There are two main problems. One, while it keeps the zoom level when flicking through photos, deleting a photo resets the zoom. And the other problem is, it just permanently deletes the photo and doesn't put it in the trash...
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    Restoring disk images

    I've been trying to restore some Windows 7 partitions from gzipped image files using a Fedora live USB, and the result is broken. I restored the MBR earlier and the partitions look right. Used "partprobe" on the first try, but had rebooted before the second try. There should really have been a...
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    Adding timestamps in a spreadsheet?

    Gnumeric can insert the current date, time to the minute, or datetime to the minute. LibreOffice Calc can insert the date, or time to hundredths of a second. I'd like to use a keyboard shortcut to put datetime to the second in the current cell. I guess Calc is the more promising here, because it...
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    Pandora repair of unknown problem

    Hi, what would be the procedure for an out-of-warranty Pandora if I have no idea what's wrong with it? (It may or may not be fixable at all, and the cost could vary a lot.)
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    Hardware My 1GHz Pandora just died

    I shut it down normally a couple of days ago. Today I switched it on, the LEDs blinked as if it was starting up, but nothing appeared on the screen. Maybe 10-20 seconds later, the LEDs all went out again and it won't do anything. I might have smelled a hint of something burning. I swapped the...
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    Pandora New Thunar on Pandora

    The main change I'm after was in 1.6.3 - "Allow keyboard shortcuts for user customizable actions (bug #1941)". Slackware for Pandora, and PyraOS, have 1.6.3 already. I built 1.6.10 using Slackware and have been trying to make a PND out of it. The 1.0.2 in SuperZaxxon is old enough that they can...
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    Shopping for a Linux Desktop

    I'm looking for a new computer, mostly for doing work. Any advice from people who have done this more recently? I'm using Fedora and will probably stick with LXDE regardless of the available computing power. At the moment, the most demanding thing I'd like to run is probably Android Studio...
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    Keyboard feel

    From the Finalizing everything Pyra news thread... I was saying they were too hard, but actually I'm testing them more carefully now, and on both of mine, some of the keys need pressing quite a lot harder than others (different keys on both). So maybe a new keymat would be a good idea. But I...
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    Pandora parts stock

    Hi, the Pandora black case parts and defective PCBs don't seem to be in the shop any more - are they going to come back?
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    EXT connectors

    Hi ED, there seems to be renewed interest in EXT connectors this week. Would you consider making a discount on multiples in the shop (e.g. a 10-pack)? Having spare ones might encourage trying out new breakout designs and so on. I don't want to do anything with my last one because it's my last one ;)
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    Update LIRC 0.9.4b (IRToy/Girs/FTDI) LIRC 0.9.4b, for use with the USB raw IR devices. IRToy Need to flash it with the v22 firmware before starting. Girs Build the...
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    systemd-journald broadcast messages

    I'm trying to debug an application that's sending a lot of messages to systemd-journald (Fedora 22). systemd-journald is broadcasting the messages to all my terminal windows, which I really don't want. The only thing I can find about it is this:
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    Thunar keyboard shortcuts

    I came across this page: On the Pandora, the settings are in ~/Applications/Settings/Thunar/ , and uca.xml can be made to appear by going to Edit -> Configure Custom Actions, and e.g. changing the description of...
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    Missing mplayer

    On my Pandora that was reflashed with 1.74 last week, I installed the Codec Pack with the same PND I used the previous time. It said it was successful (and gstreamer can now play mp3), but the mplayer binary isn't there. I tried rebooting and running the installer again. I don't see anything...
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    SuperZaxxon from SD

    I'm trying to boot SuperZaxxon from SD on my CC unit. I did the following: Downloaded Formatted SD card as EXT2 As root on my Fedora Desktop, extracted the files onto the card (tar -xf /path/to/pandora-rootfs.tar.bz2) Copied the example...
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    Bluetooth headset status?

    Hi, I've been searching for info about Bluetooth headsets on the Pandora, and only finding very old things. Is it still only A2DP? Do we still need to edit a config file? Does the microphone work? Headset buttons? Application support? Also on Bluetooth, I was trying to use an "AB Shutter 3"...
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    Missing space on SD card

    When trying to update Codeblocks, I noticed I'm missing 1GB of space on a 4GB EXT2 SD card. When I try to search about this problem, I only find things about a percentage (usually 5%) being reserved for root which can be changed with tune2fs - and it's not that. Any other ideas? Maybe I should...