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    First post

    gp32_console 4ever
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    Cack Beta 2 Released

    awesome. nice name for it too. lol..
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    Horrible Battery Pins

    Yeah, my pins flattened real bad too. They didn't break but everything was loose. That doesn't actually help you, but I thought I'd say it haha...
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    Updates On Stuff!

    O_O i love C&C...just thought id say that...
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    "Zottd...ruining pants of geeks everywhere"
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    Game Tablature.

    Now that's wat I call hard work and dedication! @ Anonymous D Halo Theme tab(and its actually pretttttty easy)
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    New Batteryless Handheld

    (seeing as how we are completely off topic- I just had to ask this question. I don't know if anyone else noticed this.) Yo, dsraa. You only love one big boob? Not two? Shouldn't your sig say "big uniboob lover" then?
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    Level Shmup 1.5 Out Tomorrow

    Hey, not to be un-enthusiastic. But maybe you could change the bullets so that its easier to dodge them, because they are too fuzzy so you cant tell if they are going to just barely miss or hit you. Otherwise, great news!
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    GP32 Using Allegro With The Official Sdk?

    Yeah, I suppose I'll have to follow your method too. But if someone would be helpful enough to make it easy for the real n00bs of us that can somehow barely code, that would be great
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    GP32 Using Allegro With The Official Sdk?

    Couldn't someone just make a pre-setup version of Dev-C++. I already have Dev_C++ setup to use Allegor. But now im confused since I will have two Allegros set up now. Please. :P
  11. K Down?!?

    its back
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 2 Released.

    I think there should be some kinda of special Title or group or seomthing for zottd and all who made this emulator. Especially zottd. I could neever do what you are doing. From the supposed difficulty level for doing what you do, you are a machine...and extremely hard working. Thank you. Now im...
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    Nk's New Snes Emulator

    Woah woah woah. What? I didn't know that this Nk's SNES supported transparencies. It does...right? So can you turn them off and make it go faster? Cuz then i can finally go back to that unbeatable part in Chrono Trigger.
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    New Firmware Soon!

    Yeah, we just need the ability to turn off the speakers for the music player mainly...and the video player. But it doesnt really matter for games.
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    Mplayer 1.0 Pre 8 Alpha1 Released's the start of something big. 8===D Alpha 8========D Beta 8=========D~~~ Finished xVids yay! Any reports on how well this works? i would test xVids right now, but i only have 10 minutes till i go to work.
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    New Firmware Soon!

    The F-100. I sent back my first one because it had a similar problem but to an extreme, but this one seems to be kinda bad also. I don't feel like sending two back, i dont know if that is even allowed. I even bought new headphones with a goldplated jack :blink: Oh yeah and this reminds me of...
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    New Firmware Soon!

    Ok, i skimmed through this topic and i dont know if anyone else also had these wishes. But in my opinion this is what need to be fixed. 1. Sometimes even when im on headphones, it switches to speakers but i can still hear the headphones. So then my *put relative or family member here* gets...
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    Software Ratings

    Yeah, I have thought of bringing this up for a while. It seriously needs to change. It'll help the noobies know what the good apps and games are too.
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    Hu6280 Now Has Cdrom Support!

    Awwwweeeeesssssoooommmmeee. Can't wait for savestates. Gettin' a job so maybe i will donate soon...