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    After All This Time...

    Ah, wow, so happy to stumble on this thread. For me the gp2x was love at first sight. It was definitely in the right place at the right time. The community was so awesome. I was thinking of zoo keeper the other day - the best game I played on the gp2x. And there was a great port of Elite too. I...
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    Sqdef 1.4

    sqdef and tilematch are the two stand-out games for the gp2x in my opinion. Well done on a new release (bridges! WOW)
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    I can't believe it doesn't have wifi ... that's an absolute 100% must for a next gen handheld. ARGH!
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    Sqdef, My Tower-defense Game

    My mouth literally dropped open at that screenshot. You scamp!
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    3 Games Im Working On

    I'm not having much luck tonight. Your games look ace.
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    Financial Support For Gp2x/pandora Developers

    There's not much extra effort making a polished homebrew game into a commercial independent game. I did it with retrovirus RTS. If you want people to give you money for your game, charge them money for it. If you think your time and effort is worth money, then you need to charge accordingly. If...
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    Independent Game Developers

    Something pocket-sized compared to the gp2x, with uber-long battery life, but a faster CPU, 3D chip, and more memory. (and wifi). That would be sweet. Basically a really, really, flat and smaller gp2x.
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    Pandora Logo?

    That's brilliant!
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    Pandora Software

    python and pygame ... perfect for homebrew
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    Sqdef 1.2

    Great work Alex!
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    Independent Game Developers

    I don't know if it is that obvious that the audience of emulators is greater than that of hombrews. I for one, did not buy my gp2x because of emulation, but because of the hombrew scene. Same here, so do you think pandora is aimed at people like us, or emulation people?
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    Commercial Games/mainstream?

    ...and that will be in the new year some time. I'm not giving any dates because we know how that seems to work out. I'd like to preview the hardware with some simultaneous Youtube videos so that means some interesting software will need to be ready as well. There's no such thing as too much...
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    Independent Game Developers

    I guess the reason I think it is less a developer's machine and more an emulators' is the large number of different types of input systems. Let's not kid anyone, the designers have "simply" mashed together the 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit consoles with a PC and then thrown a DS in on top of that...
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    Independent Game Developers

    Technically, Pandora is a very impressive machine. However, I feel it is a step backwards from the gp2x in gaming "ethos". Consider that the gp2x was an attempt at an open-source gaming system. It was a natural platform for independent game developers to get started. Sadly I think pandora is...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Hmpfh, you may just pull this one off. That's a fairly nice looking compact unit. I'm surprised.
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    GP2X Very Bad Question

    Here's a .gpe that lets you distribute the python install within your own project. This is for if you want to include python with any project you are distributing. I use it for my game retrovirus RTS. The python distribution goes inside a directory called data. So, you'd have: /yourgame/...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Are you interested in commercial game development?