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  1. pkostrze

    GCW Zero Gmenu2x skins

    I'm not sure how many devices are still using Gmenu2x but I'm still using my GP2X, Dingoo A320, and GCW Zero and they all use Gmenu2x so I'm still making, and updating, skins for them. I've just finished a pack of skins for the GCW Zero that may also work on devices, like the RG350, that are...
  2. pkostrze

    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    Hooray, a new forum site with all of the old stuff including my long-lost GP32X profile avatar... perfection! Thanks E.D.!
  3. pkostrze

    Anyone Want A Cradle? Free, Just Pay For Shipping.

    Does it fit the First Edition units?  I seem to remember there was something odd about the cradle and power cable, or something like that.  BTW, I'm also super-interested in this.
  4. pkostrze - Future

    This is an end of an era... going to be sad to see the old hostname go.
  5. pkostrze

    Cromozome 0.8.1 Released

    I got all excited about this release until I downloaded it and found it's for Dingux and not the native OS... <sigh>. I still love it on my GP2X though.
  6. pkostrze

    Dingoo Theme Emulator

    I've downloaded two theme emulators so I can try to make Dingoo themes without having to load them on an actual A320 first but I can't figure out either for the life of me! Any help? There seems to be some documentation for the French one but I can't understand French :( Thanks!
  7. pkostrze

    Caanoo - The New Gph Console?

    All I can say is that I've had my GP2X F100 FE since it came out and I've been using it all of the time ever since and have had no real problems with it (I did lose the stick cap for 2 days once but it's fine now). I'd buy a Caanoo depending on price... I'd have bought a Wiz but for my being...
  8. pkostrze

    Tell Us Non-Atari St Guys What The Best Of The Atari St... Are. ;)

    You can't go wrong with Dungeon Master.
  9. pkostrze

    Gpsp Under Open2X

    I've downloaded again and reinstalled but it's the same thing. I'm using the same ROM I was using a while ago when it still worked so I'm not sure what has changed. I'll try a different ROM just for the heck of it.
  10. pkostrze

    Bacteria's Gp2X Project 2 - "bacpac - The Sequel"

    This is the kind of project I'd like to see more of... you truly are an amazing modder. Keep up the great work!
  11. pkostrze

    Gpsp Under Open2X

    Ever since upgrading to GPSP 0.9-2Xb-u6 on my F-100 with Open2X DR7 the program will run but when choosing a ROM, any ROM, it exits back to Gmenu2X. Compatibility mode does the same thing. Anyone have any suggestions (besides "Buy a Wiz/Dingoo/Pandora")?
  12. pkostrze

    F-100 F.e. Stupid Joystick

    I'll try shimming the cap with somethiing and see how that works. I like the controls of the F.E., the cup-shaped cap on the later models looks uncomfortable. Of course the Nokia d-pad mod that was going around a few years ago really looks sweet...
  13. pkostrze

    F-100 F.e. Stupid Joystick

    I had a case for my GP2X that, apparently, pressed down on the joystick and now up, down, and right work fine but left is very iffy. How easy is it to troubleshoot the controls on a F-100 joystick? Could it just be a loose solder or something simple like that?
  14. pkostrze

    is still using an F-100 F.E.

    is still using an F-100 F.E.
  15. pkostrze

    is still using an F-100 F.E.

    is still using an F-100 F.E.
  16. pkostrze

    Life Span Of A Gp2X F100 And F200

    I've had my F100 FE since Nov. 2005 and haven't had a problem with it yet... I'm still using the original mushroom-shaped joystick cap.
  17. pkostrze

    Who Still Uses Their Gp2x Now That Wiz Is Here?

    I don't have the money for a Wiz yet but I'm holding out for the GP3X - I like the specs of the Wiz but I LOVE the size and control format of the GP2X.
  18. pkostrze

    Gph Is Going To Release The F-300

    Wow, I was getting all excited to get a Wiz but was not too happy about the smaller screen and different controls. This would be a much more gentle transition from my F.E. GP2X, looks pretty cool and if it has the same specs as the Wiz I'd sure consider buying one... of course price will always...
  19. pkostrze

    Finally We Are Open Again

    I almost started crying when, after being away for a while, I found the board down! Hooray, long live GP32X!
  20. pkostrze

    Moar Paint Art / Boycotting Big Art Softwares.

    Sweet stuff. If we're doing self portraits, here's one I drew on my old Sony Clie NR70V a while ago... rough but no worse than I'd do in Paint. Mr. Gonzo: have you ever been to If not, your stuff should definately be there.