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    I'm making a Sonic game for the PC

    I know this is a long shot but I don't suppose someone still happens to have that demo do they? Lost my source a year ago and don't want to start completely from scratch. Hard to believe I first started this game 8 years ago! Needless to say I haven't done much on'll never happen, was...
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    Can't Remember A Music Video Title/artist!

    Hmm it's not the Kaiser Chiefs, but it does sound familiar, I'll have a really good think for you. Can you remember any lyrics...even a few words? OT: My first post in about a year might I add.
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    Picodrive 1.14

    Wow, Ive been away from the scene for 6 months and I thought I'd pop back and see what's new...i'm amazed I never imagined Mega CD emulation would make it to the GP2X, totally regretting selling mine now, Sonic CD on the move...drool!
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    Sonic Cd

    Sonic CD has always been my favourite as long as it's the JP or EU version (due to the music - US versions sucks). I think I like it most because it almost feels like a prototype, a chance to see Sonicteam taking a creative risk just to see what happens. The results are pleasing if a little...
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    Fs: Gp2x With 2 Sd Cards And Charger!

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    Is There An Audio Player With A True Shuffle?

    Wicked...looking foward to it.
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    First Day Of High School...

    I had the joy of going to St Cuthberts for 2 months....worst 2 months of my life!
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    With a Nintendo powerglove I can lift 7 camels and a slightly dehydrated beaver all at once with 1 finger!!!!
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    Tablet Pc Headache...

    Ok, I recently bought a Compaq Tablet TC 1000,00.htm for two reasons. 1. I've always wanted one, 2. The tablet function will be incredibly useful for my last year of uni. What I want to do however when it arrives is use it as a monitor for...
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    Is There An Audio Player With A True Shuffle?

    I use my GP2x to play music alot (I sold my Nano to fund buying it) however I've noticed that the shuffle feature always plays in the same order depending on what song you start on. I understand that getting shuffle to be completely random is difficult without something like the time as a seed...
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    M.a.m.e Noob

    Yup thats probably where I went wrong...the arcades really are quite new to me...thanks guys.
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    Picodrive For Gp2x

    SRAM saving in Sonic 3...*cries with joy* Cheers for this release...this is fantastic.
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    M.a.m.e Noob

    The one that's currently sitting on his review video, ok so he doesnt actually specify mame but he does mention arcade and is clearly running 2 major arcade based beat em ups. A similar thing can be seen in the TV out demo video released not long ago. Ah well never mind.
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    M.a.m.e Noob

    Despite being a pretty big retro head I find individual emulators have always been at the forefront of my gaming habit, the GP2x is the only platform I've ever used mame on...and I'm confused. In some review videos (such as craigs GP2x review) I've noticed that games are played in mame that are...
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    It's limit the download to a small number of people as its a private - ish alpha. Im currently gibbering in the corner awaiting an update.
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    Gp2x Cut Out Problem When Knocked...

    Fixed...thanks guys!
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    Gp2x Cut Out Problem When Knocked...

    I've had my GP2X for a few weeks now and have been very careful with it, however recently a slight knock to the system causes it to switch off or crash, as if the batteries are dying. I'm guessing it's something to do with the battery connectors or a loose wire inside but before I start ripping...
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    New Gp2x Videos

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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    Yeah I get the same crash, just tried it on Alpha3C and still no change, no speed increase either, still very impressive to see though.
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    New Gp2x Videos

    Can anyone tell me the name of the game running in what looks like mame in the second video. It shows a small aircraft shooting down a larger one. I would love to know what this is called as I recognise it from somewhere other than here.