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    Whats About These Emus?

    You´re pretty much an alcoholic, right?
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    Gp32 Frodo C64 Project - Can You Help?

    Indeed the site does look good. However perhaps the space should me smaller between "wanted" and "list" so it is clear they are not two separate meny alternatives but one and the same.
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    New Handhelds

    PSP will get the FF games... Sony owns part of Square.
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    And since anyone can develop for it... there is no need for developers to pay licensing fees to Gamepark.
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    Nintendo Ds

    I serioulsy doubt there will be any Final Fantasy for the DS, if so it would be along the lines of FF:CC (not a part of the original series) Sony owns part of square... they will probably make PSP-titles.
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    Nah... it did not. The multiplayer is, of course, superior but there aren´t many RTS games out there who beat starcraft in any way.
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    Is It About Time We Paid Home Brew Developers?

    No, exactly as a bribe. Nothing wrong with that though :P
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    The site was inaccessible for many people, including me.
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    Beats Of Rage: Bor Xtra Mod Now Available.

    for me this page works but does not.
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    Open Snes/nes/gb

    There are chip for the PS2 that allows booting appliactions from the memory card, I am sure such a chip could be created for the PSP. But chipping a handheld would probably be hard. Do you deny the existance of the DMS3? Oh, and to whoever said it... making mod-chips illegal is stupid, there...
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    Open Snes/nes/gb

    Since there are pirated GB/GBA games produced in asia, I am sure they could pirate UMD-disks too. So it might be possible to run pirated games.
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    Wma & Mp3 Player Ver 0.37

    As all devices of this type it can do pseudo-random... it is not possible to generate completely random numbers.
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    Best Place To Buy Battries?

    If you are looking for non-rechargeable ones I must recomment IKEA, at least if you live in sweden they have cheap as batteries that have stood up quite well to the competition in a few reviews. A 10-pack is 20SEK which is about $2 (when the dollar was strong... about $3 now)
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    Kof91 V1.3

    Link doesn´t work... can somone mirror it?
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    Gbax Compo

    He is porting it to the Zodiac, if I understand correctly...
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    Stupid Plastic Screen Thing

    Mine is scratched to hell, I have to hold it at certain angles or the scratches will be very annoying.
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    Some New Good News From Spain!!

    Wouldn´t the spanish people translate the games into spanish? ASR in spanish wouldn´t help more then now...
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    Awsome Comeback!

    Well there is a difference in that the GP32 and GBA has very similar processors... But I am still skeptical too.
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    Game Maker .. Anyone Interested?

    skeezix... are you saying you make a living on shareware stuff?
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    The End Of Emulation?

    Of course not.