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    What I Witnessed Last Week

    What exactly happened there? Contrary to what parascience may try to tell you, things don't just spontaneously combust...
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    Gp32x Karaoke Night!

    Payin' anything to roll the dice Just one more time
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    How Long Will This Wii Shortage Lastb least here in Germany they're quite easy to find. Have you ever tried ordering one from the next batch a retailer will receive?
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    Got my freeloader today and tried it out. It works flawlessly with the one game I imported (Dragon Blade). The little instructions leaflet mentions that you should refrain from updating your firmware if possible and advises you to also start newer games from your region (those that might carry...
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    Playasia Coupons

    Hi everyone, I have two PlayAsia Coupons for 5$ off any 50$ and up order. I'll give them out to the first two PMs and ask you to use my affiliate link in return, which costs you nothing. The coupons expire on april the 14th and may the 5th. Please request them only if you actually want to place...
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    That's where you're wrong, yoyoyoyoandsoon. You simply did not keep up with the new products. Javacat, you are linking to the Gamecube Freeloader. I hope they have improved their product now. Ganepark32, thanks for the info. I have received my American game today (Dragon Blade) and am now...
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    How can you be so sure that firmware updates would disable the freeloader? Datel said that this would not be possible. However, I have no idea how the freeloader works, so I can't judge this.
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    For region free gaming there's Datel's freeloader. Mine should arrive any day now, together with an American game to test it with. As for chips, there is an open-source scene. If you solder a "cradle" to your pins and put the chip in you can easily remove it to reflash it, but as far as I know...
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    Region Free 360

    Because of the cost (even higher than in Germany) - or maybe I just have't found a decent store yet. I'm open to suhhestions, but keep in mind that I do not have a credit card.
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    Pen And Paper

    Yeah, I started playing when I was about 12. I played Realms of Arcania ("Das schwarze Auge"), D&D, Vampire and recently Scion and Dark Heresy. We also played a system a friend developed (called Exodus). Surprisingly good one too.
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    Region Free 360

    Gears of War never came out in Germany. We also don't have Army of Two, Condemned or Dead Rising, Rock Band still has no release date for Europe. Many other games (for example Two Worlds) would be a lot cheaper to import than to buy here (price differences of up to 50€). And I don't like Halo...
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    New Game Player - Myracer

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    New Game Player - Myracer

    Their sales pitch got me. QUOTE (...)the position of the speaker is the back side of the player so sometimes it can be blocked by user's hand according to how they hold the player, and the material on the front side is easy to get fingerprints left on it. However, they save that one by...
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    Nova, Dcgm And Goity To The Rescue!

    Simply no. No homeopathic stuff works in any way. If it does, it's not homeopathy.
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    Nova, Dcgm And Goity To The Rescue!

    Why would you ever have a single thought that this is true? On the other hand, he describes his devices with the following statement: "Immortality Device is believed to allow humans to stay physically young forever." Well, the earth is believed to be a disc, so there you are. Magnet therapy is...
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    Region Free 360

    I can play Xbox-exclusives on the PS3? How do I do that? ;) Thanks for your answers. I found some information that was really buried well and it seems it's basically impossible. A pity.
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    Region Free 360

    So I have a PAL Xbox 360. I like it. However, there are several NTSC games that I want to play on it so I need to disable to region check. And yes, I know some NTSC games work on PAL consoles, those that I want do not. So... is there any way to disable the region check?
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    Save The Hd-dvd Format! (support Is Stronger Than Ever)

    Allow me just a simple question that's based on the topic title. Why the hell would HD-DVD need saving if support is stronger than ever?
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    The Most Overrated "underrated" Games Ever

    ...I love Demon's Crest....
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    Time To Upgrade

    I have used Vista and XP 64 bit and have never had any problems at all. I am using 32 at the moment and do not see a big difference.