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    Whats A Good Programming Language To Learn?

    Once you have some basic programming knowledge, consider trying the "thinking in C (Foundations for C++ and Java)" seminar-on-CD (freely downloadable from the authors website at if you want to make the move into C. As the name implies, it's sort of a "crash course" in C...
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    I'm New... For A Second Time :p

    Cheers, I remember you from last time I think :) You had this elvish dude as your avatar I think. I take it you got your GP2X in the end then? ;) Like the new avatar :D Damn, I haven't found a job- yet... thankfully, there are several pubs and various small shops very near where I live, so I...
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    I'm New... For A Second Time :p

    Ah, OK, thanks for all the help, guys :) I saw the Break Out Box/cradle in the "project B.O.B" thread(I guess that's the one you meant by ?) and it looks pretty nice, though I might not need such a fully featured one. Where can I find info on Techfreak's? Anyway, thanks again :)
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    Searching For Level Editors

    Well, Doom and it's many source ports have plenty of level editors available. A fair number of recent games and further back have either shipped with, or had released later the official level/game editing tools used in-house. One of the good ones I've used is Myth II by Bungie, which one can do...
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    I'm New... For A Second Time :p

    Wait, how?! I thought the USB connector was slave only or something? Anyway, that would be damned good :) That was my major reason for wanting to get a breakout board- the USB ports (attach keyboard, external storage etc). If it can be done by the GP2X itself now, then that's not a concern. If I...
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    I'm New... For A Second Time :p

    I was here for a few months before the launch of the GP2x, then for another couple of months after. I meant to get a GP2X, but in the end I decided to wait for a few of the hardware and firmware revisions. Also, I realised I could not possibly get the money together for a while to come. But I...
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    Say what you like, to me "downy" means the fluffy feathers of a young bird... :blink:
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    GP2X Where Can I Find Free Sound Effects Samples? :)
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    Defrag Utilities

    Thanks for the replies :) OK: -256MB RAM -1.99 GHz Athlon XP 2400+ processor -Free space 10.5 Gigs (80 Gig HD) I tried to do an offline defrag already... it said it would occur on the next reboot, so I restarted the computer (not just Windows). It didn't happen when the computer restarted...
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    Defrag Utilities

    OK, this is a rather bad situation here. This here computer is the family computer, which we've now had for maybe 2 years. It's a pretty good middle range general-purpose home PC (better since I installed a graphics card to replace the onboard S3 prosavage video). However, please bear with me...
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    Ds Goodness

    Nice! :D I've never used Opera myself, but I've generally heard good things about it when people talk about it :) I will definitely be getting this... I wonder what it'll support though? What features will be available/allowed. Javascript? Flash (I would love that, but I don't know if there is...
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    So How Did The Gp2x Do?

    hang on... it's lifespan only just begun! It's too early to talk about it in the past tense yet...
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    She Is Your Sister. . .

    Now there's a disturbing idea :s "Hyper Whore Handheld- R rated" Anyway, funny :D
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    Well, in my case, my Linux box IS essentially invincible to remote attack- it doesn't have any sort of network connection ;) Only way it can get infected is by floppy, and it is of course impossible to remotely crack it :P
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    You might need to re-upgrade/re-install drivers for the CD/DVD drive as well?
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    Personally, I've found the standard Linux directory structure and way of referring to things more logical and useful than the standard Windows way. Under Windows, the drives get assigned arbitary letters. Under Linux, the name of a device *usually* tells you what the device/volume actually is...
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    Well, I'd suggest one of the following: the following lists of Linux friendly vendors for home and laptop computers: and Or, build it yourself, with help from the Linux hardware compatibility HOWTO...
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    Uae4all Wiki Generator

    That's cool :) Nice job man!
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    Neogeo Games

    Ah, I stand corrected on it being "closed". However, it is not "open" either, rather it is "shared". From the Wikipedia entry on this "shared source", however, it would appear that the ability to modify source would probably be restricted, and also it still would not be available to the general...
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    Neogeo Games

    OK, I'm not an emu programmer, but... The sound hardware itself is not the point here (I think that's what you're talking about, sorry otherwise)- the problem is managing to emulate the main parts of a console, and decode/play sound at the same time. As you might imagine, doing both at the same...