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    Right, time to get my money out!

    Warning may be a bit off by end of auction. hehe, i wanna see what's in the package the day you actually receive it :P
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    Recommend Your Favourite Games!

    Read this:
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    GP32 N-gage dev contest

    LMAO@that pic N-GAGE S.U.C.K.S :D
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    fGB First Release

    gonna play some pokemon on my gp32 now :P
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    stupid piece or crap

    I'd rather use windows 3.1 then ME, nothing seems to work like it should be on that damned os :angry:
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    its official....

    if you start about copying, look at a gba and then at your gp32 ;)
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    What kind of music do u like

    why is there no: none of the above?
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    ban selling

    there aren't that many people selling their gp32.. if you don't want to read these threads, don't read them it's as simple as that ;)
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    Board repaired

    or just install another board like PHPBB2 or Vbulletin, these boards are a lot more stable then invision and I'm sure all active members won't mind losing their posts as long as the board doesn't crash this often anymore
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    Korean Font

    it should be on your windows cd, there's a thread about this somewhere else on this board..
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    GP32 Adaptor

    ok, thanks. I'll see if I can find that adaptor in any stores around here....
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    Board repaired

    Posts per day: 6.3, so that's what having a live is like :blink:
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    GP32 for Sale

    what roms do you want? :blink: I've got all gba, pc engine, atari 2600, atari 5200, atari 7800, atari lynx, nes, snes, sega genesis, sega master system and some n64 roms :D
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    512MB on your GP32 (for a price)

    it's a cool idea, but just too damn expensive. as steve-o said, you can buy a lot of normal 128 mb smc cards for the same money..
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    "Real" Pictures of The Infinium labs 'phantom'

    like it is now it's just a normal pc with an ugly case..
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    GP32 Adaptor

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    "Real" Pictures of The Infinium labs 'phantom'

    if this is just one big hoax they're spending a lot of money on it, just look at that website. It's made by one of the most famous webdesign studios in the world(2advanced) we'll see if it's a hoax when they release it later this year..
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    Board repaired

    It's great that it's fixed now. but can't you do something so it won't crash almost every week? This is getting pretty annoying <_<
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    GP32 Adaptor

    I've got a adapter for my gameboy color, but it's only 200mA. I live in holland and we don't have "Radio Shack" here <_< this is what the sticker on the back off my adapter says: THRUSTMASTER MODEL: Kings 35G-3-200 INPUT: 230V - 50Hz OUTPUT: 3V ====(something like this) 200mA...
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    GP32 Adaptor

    I've got this problem too, buying batteries all the time is getting a bit expensive and I can't seem to find a good adapter for the gp32 in the shops here :(