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    Will My Old Gp2X F100 Sd Cards Work On The Wiz?

    If you're asking about the cards themselves, yes, they can be used in the GP2X Wiz without any problem. The Wiz is compatible with both SD and SDHC cards (which the GP2X only supported SD for most of its existence). However, you can't just throw the cards in and play all your old GP2X...
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    Has Wiz Development Died?

    Correct. The GP32 never slowed down until it was finally replaced with the GP2X, and the GP2X didn't slow down until a couple years after its release. The Wiz just came out and already attention seems to be shifting from it to the Dingoo and Pandora. Just the activity of these boards don't...
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    Wiped Itself Out?

    I think he means reading and writing to the NAND on a regular basis (mostly writing). The reason being that flash memory has a limited amount of writes, but SURELY you didn't surpass that this quickly. I'd see about exchanging your unit. It's too bad it took this long for an issue to show up.
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    Pocketsnes V6.5.0 Final Released

    Super Mario RPG works wonderfully when overclocked. :) Also horizontal scaling is incredible.
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    Fastest A320 To Us

    Probably is. I got my Wiz from them in like 3 or 4 weekdays.
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    Life Span Of A Gp2X F100 And F200

    It really depends on how well you take care of it. There are no moving parts, so it should last for years and years as long as you don't bang it around. I've had my GP2X for several years and it looks and runs pretty much like new.
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    Returning Member Is Confused About New Handhelds

    I'd honestly suggest a Dingoo. I have both the Wiz and Dingoo, and it seems there's a lot more activity in the Dingoo community (probably thanks to the incredibly low cost). The screen isn't as good as the Wiz screen, but controls are significantly better. Long play sessions actually hurt on...
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    Pocketsnes 6.5.0 Prerelease Hd Video

    Looks promising. :) It's nice to see that Mario RPG is finally working. I wonder if SuperFX games might work too.
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    Psx4All For Dingux

    Exciting! I'll be giving this a try. :)
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    32X Progress

    This is very exciting news! Playing a portable version of Kolibri would be wonderful. :) Thanks and good luck, notaz!
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    Super Metroid

    I played and finished Super Metroid on the Wiz, so it must be your ROM.
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    Are You Getting Ripped Off?

    I ordered my Dingoo from DealExtreme. The process was overall good. I will say that they aren't the most responsive or quick shop, but you get your product and the best deal on the net.
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    Dingoo O S Gnuboy Version 1.0

    Excellent! I think I'll be using this a lot. :)
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    Ashens Dingoo A320 Video Review

    It's strange that he was able to find SMSGGoo and not Dingux. I mean, I was astonished at how easy Dingux was to install -- especially with those packs that have pre-constructed file structures for your SD with all the homebrew included. I think the one I got even included the Sega CD...
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    Cheapest Place To Buy A Dingoo?

    Dealextreme is the cheapest there is. They certainly aren't the fastest, but they get the job done. My Dingoo shipped 10 days after I ordered it. I'm led to believe that's a fairly good turnaround for them.
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    Sd Cards

    Oh yeah, you're right. They're mostly just SNES, Genesis, NES and other small cartidge-based games, so they take up very little space. If you have a bunch of Neo-Geo and Sega CD games, 8GB won't get you as far.
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    Sd Cards

    I have hundreds of games on my 8GB SD card, and I only use like 2gb or so. The thing is that most emulators allow zipping of your ROMs, which can drastically cut down their size. I doubt I'll ever need any larger. However, if you plan on using it heavily as a video or music player, you might...
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    Partial Game Release List And Gp2X F-300 Announced

    Interesting... Four hours is passable if the price is substantially lower than the Wiz -- at least $50 less. I fear that won't be the case.
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    Anyone Prefer Gp2X (F100, F200) To Wiz? If So, Why?

    That's the one! Such a great game! It came out of one of those coding competitions GBAX ran. We always got such awesome stuff during those competitions...
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    Anyone Prefer Gp2X (F100, F200) To Wiz? If So, Why?

    The Wiz is all around a more comfortable handheld for me. I think all handhelds should strive to have the form factor of the Gameboy micro, which is easily the best designed handheld ever. On the other hand, I have a soft spot for the old GP2X. Of all the Gamepark consoles though, the GP32 is...