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    A Moderation Suggestion

    People argue; nerds get angry. Angry nerds are funny as fuck and we should exploit them as much as possible! Don't lock the thread bleed the nerds dry of their anger and troll s'more :) FYAD repRASENT
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    The Rabbit Joint

    hello internet I didn't go out tonight, it was a vey depressing decision.
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    Downloadable Mp3s Are They Killing Quality?

    I download way too much music to even begin to think about buying it and I agree anything below 192 is sick I think except crazy audiophiles such as yourself (jokes) it's most people's limits.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    so all is the same sam is a worthless troll who uses wikipedia to boost his e-ego
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    Telcolou Not Dead!

    What the [****], he got de-modded. Ok lil niggas what have i missed in my absense. edit: oh my DAYS there's a swear filter
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    A Wonderful Link For My Friends At Off Topic

    I have no idea, never seen this site before in my life.
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    A Wonderful Link For My Friends At Off Topic Post your favourites. :)
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    So I Used Live Search For The First Time

    I pray to a greater being that was ironic.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    hello friends
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    The Rabbit Joint

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    The Rabbit Joint

    the band is like a fan club man, listen to their lyrics
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    The Rabbit Joint

    they are a good band yo
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    Gamey Picture Quiz

    you guys spend too much time looking at consoles and not the screens, no wonder i be pwning y'all
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    Underground Gamer

    my pms are full ever since I got demodded and my inbox was made tiny, also dl'd it anywayz here's my point though, music torrents to me are dead, direct links for lyfe
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    The Rabbit Joint

    holy fuck Gay for Johnny Depp are brilliant
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    I Am Back From My Trip!

    Welcome back man I hope you enjoy uni. I'm habing a gapyear too but I plan it to just me a year of getting high all the time and chilling out.
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    Are You A Young Person? I Need Your Help...

    I often call my mother a dirty c*nt.
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    Underground Gamer

    I thought this stuff wasn't allowed? If it is fuck someone get me a decent torrent for desperados.